Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2023? Who’s joining and returning to the Dales?

Who is quitting Emmerdale in 2023 after a massive 50th anniversary year in 2022 that saw several fatalities and exits?

One of the cast members who has been with Emmerdale the longest has just made an exit known by announcing his departure.

And is anybody going back to Emmerdale? Here is a list of all the new and departing people for 2023.

In 2023, who is departing Emmerdale?

Metcalfe, David

For almost 20 years, David has been a regular fixture in Emmerdale. Actor Matthew Wolfenden has recently said he is leaving the program after 17 years.

When Matthew recently visited This Morning to discuss leaving the show, he revealed he was “so nervous” about his choice. The appropriate time to leave, he continued, had come.

The door will remain open for the anxious shopkeeper to come back in the future, he assured viewers, because David isn’t going to be killed off.

He waggled his eyebrows, “Who knows?” “I could be back,”

He also hinted at how David would leave the program, saying that Victoria Sugden will play a key role in Mr. Metcalfe’s departure.

While he was still associated with the serial killer Meena Jutla, David and Victoria fell in love. To be together, they took a chance on their friendships as well as their lives (at least Victoria did!).

But their relationship ended when David told the police Victoria had been driving his erratic van while it was actually him, breaking the truth!

David’s feelings for Vic have recently come back, and it appears that this will be the cause of his departure from the community.

However, he added: “Victoria is the reason he leaves the village, put it that way.” He had before stated that there will be a “resolution of sorts.”

When he bids goodbye to the Dale, Matthew is about to enter the stage. In the West End production of Elf this holiday season, he will co-star with Strictly Come Dancing actor Tom Chambers as Buddy the elf.

Ingrid Blackstock

Rumors that Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice, had left the show for a fourth time abounded in the summer.

According to The Sun, Samantha had decided it was time to part ways once more and had informed the show’s executives of her desire to do so.

Samantha will be on stage this holiday season, joining co-star Matthew Wolfenden in the production of Cinderella at Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre.

Does this imply, though, that she will be leaving Emmerdale?

Who is coming back to Emmerdale in 2023?

Ava Woodfield

Last year, the actress Michelle Hardwick revealed she was having a second child. Teddy Brooks, the couple’s two-year-old son, is already born to Kate and Michelle. Betty was born to Michelle in November 2022.

Vanessa hasn’t appeared on any screens this year due to her maternity leave. Vanessa’s decision to accept a job in Canada was observed by viewers.

She was supposed to go with Suzy, her supposed love interest, but the two broke up due to a lack of confidence in their union. Vanessa departed on her own at the last minute.

The length of Michelle’s anticipated maternity leave is unknown, but it’s anticipated that she will return at the end of 2023, which means Vanessa may already be booking her travel home.

But what will Emmerdale have in store for her? Unrequited love for Suzy? Or perhaps Charity, who recently got divorced? What will Tom King, a new veteran, experience from Ness’s return?

Ken Wyatt

In preparation for her departure, Kerry Wyatt had a hectic few months.

She admitted that Chloe was really her own daughter, who she had abandoned at birth. She then learned the truth about her cheated-on fiancé Al Chapman. Kerry made the decision to leave the hamlet since life there was just too difficult and seek employment on cruise ships.

The exit was intended to cover Laura Norton’s maternity leave after she gave birth to her second child earlier this year with fiancé Mark Jordon.

As she did with her first kid, she anticipated taking around a year off from the Dales, though nothing has been confirmed. She has already joined Chloe on a video conference after the young mother gave birth.

What issues will Kerry bring back with her when she visits the village in November 2023?

In 2023, who will move into Emmerdale?

Mrs. Caleb Miligan?

Just before Easter, Emmerdale revealed that Caleb Milligan is the long-lost child of Faith Dingle and Frank Tate, dropping a massive bombshell.

When Kim Tate caught Caleb out and expelled him, his scheme to take Home Farm and destroy her was severely foiled. After learning how Caleb had damaged Moira and her business as part of his scheme, Brother Cain likewise turned his back on Caleb.

Caleb was found at the base of a cliff, and it was later discovered that his son Nicky, who had been helping his father, had pushed him.

Nicky and Caleb reconciled and are thriving in the community.

What about Nicky’s mother, though? Where is she? Do we know who Caleb’s ex-wife is? Has she arrived yet? Or have we already met her? She’s the final component still missing, so surely it won’t be long before we get to meet her too?

Gail’s mother in secret?

Gail, Ryan’s girlfriend, has gained admiration for her wittiness, candor, and all-around upbeat personality.

However, viewers believe she is concealing something sinister, and it appears they are correct based on recent hints regarding a secret.

But what is Gail concealing? She may be linked to scheming Faye, who stole Mary’s life savings, according to some admirers. Is she the bartender’s mum in secret?

Or is there still a hidden relative somewhere?

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