Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Lydia wrestles with her emotions in rape aftermath

According to teasers for tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Monday, September 11), Lydia struggles with her feelings in the wake of her rape.

Lydia is still having a hard time understanding what happened to her as she suffers in silence.

However, can she actually open up to her loved ones in Emmerdale spoilers?

Viewers will be aware that Craig, Lydia’s former friend, just sexually assaulted Lydia.

Craig pushed himself on Lydia and assaulted her as she approached him to give him her resignation.

Lydia then attempted to understand what had happened and took a shower.

Although she had intended to take a taxi to the police station, she ultimately opted to burn her garments in the woods.

After putting the incident behind her, Lydia showed up at Craig’s job to accompany Samson on his first day of work experience.

In the wake of her rape, Lydia is still struggling with her feelings tonight. But how much will she divulge to her loved ones?

Claudette needs her son

Claudette acknowledges that, as she carries on with her grieving for Victor, she needs Charles’ assistance more than she’s been letting on.

Claudette and Charles have grown apart as Charles fights to keep a very important secret from her.

Will she ever understand that Charles stole the necklace and then falsely accused his father?

Gabby considers the future.

Gabby recently disclosed to her family her desire to move to Portugal and abandon the village.

Gabby was now more determined than ever to sell everything and move away, so Caleb was very eager to purchase HOP from her.

However, to whom will Gabby sell? And when will she depart from the community and make a fresh start?

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