Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Shock car accident rocks Weatherfield

Eliza is struck by a car in a shocking car accident that rattles Weatherfield in tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers (Monday, September 11).

Eliza is ultimately knocked to the ground when Stu chases her away in a rage.

But in Coronation Street spoilers, will Eliza be alright or will she sustain serious wounds?

Eliza being struck by a car in Coronation Street

When Dom doesn’t show up to see her tonight, Eliza is upset. Stu advises her get in the car and visit her mother in an effort to divert her attention.

Eliza becomes enraged and rushes off as soon as Stu claims that her father doesn’t care about her.

But shortly after doing so, she is struck by a car and knocked to the ground in the Precinct parking lot.

Stu runs to Eliza as the car departs and attends to her while transporting her to the hospital.

Stu is furious when Dom shows up there with a giant teddy for his kid.

After Eliza asks Stu to go, Alya assures him that Eliza would recognize her father’s true colors as soon as possible.

But when Eliza says she’s moving in with her dad, Alya’s advice falls hollow. Will Stu, though, allow it to happen?

Tyrone receives a deadline from Evelyn.

Tyrone receives an ultimatum from a frustrated Evelyn, who also instructs him to call Fiz.

She needs to know about Cassie’s overdose and how Hope found her.

If he doesn’t inform her, she’ll handle it herself. Will Tyrone inform Fiz of what has been happening, though?

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Lauren declines Roy’s offer

David warns Max to keep away from Lauren as he begins working at the salon.

In the interim, Roy offers to get in touch with social services to arrange for some housing for Lauren.

She declines his offer, stating that she will find accommodations on her own, nevertheless. Will she locate somewhere, though?

Aadi’s situation is awkward.

After obtaining the Freshco contract, Darren reserves a table at the Bistro to celebrate and advises that Amy accompany Aadi.

Dev and Darren laugh at the discomfort of Amy and Aadi as they both attempt to offer justifications. Will Darren, however, be aware that Aadi is in fact seeing Courtney?

‘Date’ for Dee-Dee on Coronation Street

Joel extends an invitation to Dee-Dee for a drink and says he wants to talk to her about US law.

Dee-Dee accepts his offer and publishes her novels. Joel is disappointed to learn that Dee-Dee doesn’t believe they are going on a date.

Will Dee-Dee eventually understand that Joel wanted to have a love relationship with her?

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