Zoe Henry addresses Emmerdale future after ‘sack’ threat

Following a’sack’ threat, Zoe Henry, a star of Emmerdale, has discussed what the future may hold for her.

As Rhona Goskirk in Emmerdale, 48-year-old Zoe Henry was recently quoted discussing the soap opera’s 50th anniversary. When Zoe appeared on the ITV program Lorraine, Lorraine asked her what she could share about the achievement.

Not much, Zoe jokingly said, “If I do, I’ll definitely lose my job.” Fans should anticipate huge stories and celebrations in October.

A few significant arrivals and departures are anticipated as part of the drama. In an interview with Metro, Zoe talked about her future.

If they offered me a 10-year contract, I would certainly sign it, but who knows? Do characters have an expiration date? When contracts roll around and I’m given another year, it’s always a relief because there’s no room for complacency.

Zoe, who is married to Jeff Hordley, an Emmerdale co-star, originally appeared in the show 21 years ago. In 2010, she joined the cast on a regular basis. She said: “One opportunity it’s given me is the chance to be a parent and still do the work I love.

“I have a lot of friends who are actors and have kids, but they’re out on tour doing a play, so they don’t get to see them as much as they’d want.”

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