‘Will Stephen’s next victim be one of the judges?’: Britain’s Got Talent viewers ‘OBSESSED’ by show’s ‘brilliantly random’ Corrie intro

Viewers of Britain’s Got Talent were ‘obsessed’ by the show’s Coronation Street-themed introduction on Sunday.

Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly, the show’s hosts, lost the judges while filming in Manchester as they wandered around the famed soap opera set.

They later ran into Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli at Roy’s Rolls cafe, where they also ran into a whole host of other famous people.

One fan sarcastically speculated on Twitter that Stephen Reid, the serial killer who targets judges in Weatherfield (Todd Boyce), would pick one of the judges as his next victim.

While another spectator exclaimed, “That Corrie sketch was brilliant!” and loved the hysterical sketch.

A different person wrote: “Great start to BGT loving the Coronation Street sketch!”

A fifth person wrote: “BGT starting at Corrie, love that!” while a fourth wrote: “Obsessed with the random Corrie into.”

The presenters were depicted wandering about the cobblestones while Dec claimed he was spying on Simon Cowell’s phone in the sketch.

The two ran across Sally Metcalfe from Corrie, who appeared to be very surprised. Ant introduced himself as “Ant McPartlin, former rapper, current TV host, and two time rear of the year award.”

Sally was unconcerned when Dec abruptly interrupted, saying that he was simply the “runner up,” telling him that he was “standing on her foot,” and then walking away.

Judges Simon, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli can all be seen seated around a tiny square table at Roy’s Rolls cafe in the cutaway scene.

When they were all dressed to the nines, Amanda looked stunning in a striking red figure-hugging dress and put her long blonde hair back into a tidy high ponytail.

Alesha looked stunning in a pink dress and styled her dark hair into an elegant updo, while Bruno looked dashing in a black leather jacket.

While Shona Platt was behind the counter, Simon was ordering his “usual” while sporting his go-to round-neck dark sweater.

Simon remarked, “Just how I like it,” when Shonda subsequently brought over a plate of toast with spaghetti letters that just included the letters “BGT.”

Meanwhile, Kirk Sutherland was seen leaving the renowned Rovers pub as Ant and Dec were seen standing outside.

When the two inquired as to if the “BGT judges were inside,” Kirk said, “Are you having a laugh next you’d be telling me Ant and Dec are coming,” while displaying disbelief in his face.

“And anyway, where are your parents? Kids shouldn’t be in the bar,” someone said.

The ITV presenters giggled to themselves as they walked around the cobblestones and noticed “Simon Cowell’s Rolls Royce outside Roy’s Rolls.”

Ant and Dec, beaming, exclaimed, “Hold on, are we on Coronation Street!”

The entertaining video returned inside as Shonda questioned Simon about his meal.

He said, “I didn’t like it, I loved it,” with a serious expression.

We are late for auditions, let’s go, go, go!, Ant and Dec yelled to Simon, Amanda, Alesha, and Bruno as they rushed through the cafe entrance.

Bruno made a joke while they were still eating, saying, “They are very bossy, I love it.”

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