Will Mellor shares hope to start travel series ‘for the working class’

The actor revealed a new objective in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk: to host his own travel program. The Coronation Street star opened up about his desire to produce more travel-related television programs and how he would like to target a “working class” audience who might be looking for advice on how to travel the world as he reflected on how much he enjoyed filming World’s Most Dangerous Roads with Keith Lemon.

When asked about his favorite part of filming World’s Most Dangerous Roads, Will replied, “I wanted to go out and push myself a little bit and that’s what this Dangerous Roads show is.

It involves venturing into the unknown, as you well know. putting yourself in situations where you typically wouldn’t be.

“Keith was also somewhat out of his comfort zone, and I enjoy traveling.

“If I can go out there, I’ll go out and travel and see the globe.

Hence, this was a fantastic approach. Albania is another country that nobody really knows much about.

“There are always prejudices, but what a lovely town and what pleasant people.

And I believe it will be unexpected to see what people think of it, what they imagine Albania to look like, and where they place it in their imaginations.

The erstwhile villain from Coronation Street went on to say that it was nice to bypass the usual vacation spots.

He said, “If you wanted to go and do this on your vacation, you wouldn’t ever do it.”

“And the people were wonderful, and it was really lovely.”

He spoke on his passion of travel and shared a new aspiration of his.

The former Strictly competitor declared, “I want to launch my own travel show.”

“Something unique, perhaps something for those with less money.

“In order to demonstrate how people from the working class, from which I originate, might possibly travel and still have adventures while possibly saving some money.

“And perhaps show you a location that might be a little cheaper but also a place to go and do something similar. I wish I could travel more.”

Will danced with Nancy Xu and advanced to the Strictly Come Dancing semifinals last year.

He acknowledged that he enjoyed pushing himself and remembered how challenging the experience had been.

Will appears to be participating in new challenges, despite the fact that his Harvey Gaskell character from Coronation Street is currently incarcerated.

If he is able to launch a new travel show, he might also be shooting in remote areas.

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