Widower of Emmerdale star Leah Bracknell pays tribute to wife three years after tragic death

Leah Bracknell’s widower, who recently opened up about his sadness, passed away the Emmerdale actress three years ago.

Leah gained fame for her role as Zoe Tate in the venerable Yorkshire serial opera from 1989 till 2005. On September 15, 2019, she passed away at the age of 55, three years after receiving a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

In honor of the mother of two, her 48-year-old husband Jez, in the days leading up to the anniversary of her passing. According to Mirror Online, Jez has revealed old photos of the couple together after they were married in 2017.

In addition to a vintage photo of the couple, which he said brought back “wonderful [but also] sad memories,” he spoke about his late wife and his journey with loss.

Three years tomorrow, the shamanist healer wrote. It seems appropriate that I will be instructing and holding a sweat lodge in the woods. This ancient, blurry photo is from way back when, and I found it recently. It brought back happy, if terrible memories.

“Grief is like an eagle; it flies so high and so close to the sun that you think it has vanished, then all of a sudden it comes crashing down upon you, tearing you to shreds until you are wounded and bruised all over again, raw flesh exposed to the wind.”

Grief is the cost of love, he added, and there are “no reductions on offer”; he also said that the experience is “as non negotiable as death itself.”

“Time changes everything, yet nothing at the same time, for grief knows no time; it acts according to its own internal workings and dances to its own enigmatic music,” Jez said.

In a recent social media post, Leah’s widower added that loss is “awe inspiring and dreadful” and that it “sensitizes the already oversensitive.” In spite of everything, he said, “I pay the ferryman, the guardian of all love and all loss, and I will pay through this and many lifetimes.”

“simultaneously grudgingly and gratefully As the world is renewed and the rain goes back into sunshine, it is always a price worth paying “He went on to talk about sadness.

Ali, you died on the same full moon as the queen, which I know will make you smile, he said in a letter to his late wife, Alison Bracknell.

“I know in my heart that you are soaring and tearing up another experience anew. That Piscean ocean is transferring you to another universe. And this brings joy to my heart, soothing all these earthly woes.

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