Why is Wendy Crozier really back in Coronation Street? 4 shock theories on her return

Legendary Coronation Street bad guy Wendy Crozier.

Even though the former journalist didn’t kill anyone, her time spent on the cobbles caused more havoc than Pat Phelan.

That makes her return even more perplexing, unless she has other intentions.

What, though, might that be? We have hypotheses…

Ken Barlow

While Wendy may have wed Mr. Papadopoulos, Ken Barlow remains the love of her life.

Breaking Deirdre’s heart and having a protracted affair weren’t enough for Wendy.

Why not try again while they are both still alive? She came back ten years later for another attempt.

Now that Deirdre is gone, she can go after Ken again.

The two will finally meet face to face the following week.

Wendy tells Abi about her relationship with Ken’s past, and Abi advises her to go make up with him. Even more, Abi pledges to handle Tracy directly.

As promised, Abi leads Tracy into the cafe while Wendy makes a call to number 1.

Will Ken, however, be glad to see her?

When Abi is unable to hold Tracy any longer, she most certainly isn’t. As soon as she sees Wendy and Ken leave the house, she storms around the corner and gets angry.

Will he support Tracy or stand up for Wendy?

Is there still hope for their relationship in the future?

Secret love child

Stranger things have happened, but is it possible that Wendy was carrying Ken’s child all those years ago?

and kept them secret during her previous employment? Or perhaps she had them adopted and they’ve recently returned to her life?

Is it time for a brand-new Barlow to enter the picture and upend the family?

Certainly, according to one admirer!

They posted an explosive notion in response to someone who asked whether Wendy being chosen as Abi’s foster carer had any “meaning” on the Digital Spy forums.

“I believe she may have had a child in secret.”

Then, others made assumptions about the identity of that kid, with one even speculating that it might be Sean Tully!

Although Wendy and Ken’s affair did not result in any children as far as we are aware, it is possible that it may have.

Villainous ways rising

Is Wendy being honest as a social worker evaluating Abi Webster’s parenting?

Or is she acting like the same Wendy she always was—a bad guy lurking in plain sight?

Will Wendy succeed like the rest of Abi’s opponents, or will Abi try to take on too much with Wendy?

Is she dying?

It wouldn’t be the first time a soap opera character who had been absent for a while passed away on screen.

Wendy is a character who is never quite done until they are, according to cobbler folklore.

So, before killing her off, could the soap opera have brought her back for a redemption story?

She formerly had feelings for Ken and Tracy; making amends and reuniting with her former stepdaughter before passing away would be a tragic but essential plot.

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