Why did Louise Marwood leave Emmerdale and where is she now?

Emmerdale star Louise Marwood has joined Coronation Street, here’s everything you need to know about her…

Fans of Emmerdale may recall how Chrissie White recently caused a lot of controversy in the Dales.

She first appeared to be a reliable figure, but after her unsuccessful marriage to Robert Sugden and an unintentional helicopter crash, she revealed a different side of herself.

However, Chrissie White disappeared, and Louise Marwood is no longer in sight.

Who did Louise Marwood play in Emmerdale?

Louise Marwood first appeared in a supporting role as Fiona Heath in 2010 before moving on to play Chrissie White in the lead role from October 2014 to late 2017.

After her problematic son Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson) committed a car accident that killed both his grandfather Lawrence White and himself in 2018, the character was killed off (John Bowe).

When asked about leaving the show, Louise responded: “I am genuinely very sorry since we have really gotten close.

“Tom Atkinson (Lachlan), John Bowe (Lawrence), Ryan Hawley (Robert), and I all entered the show at the same time. We’ve grown so close that it also seems like Emily Head (Rebecca) has been here constantly.

We’ll always be friends, of course, but it will take some time for that to settle in since I won’t be seeing them every day. Everyone else in the building, even the staff, is affected.

It’s a remarkable group of folks; I may never again encounter a group like it, which is quite sad.

“I’m leaving for London right now, so who knows what will happen? It has to do with attending auditions. Three years is a fair length of time, thus it was the proper moment to depart.

“Staying is quite appealing, but because my life is in London, it was time to leave. You never know what’s around the bend, so it’s a huge gamble, but it actually thrills me.

Where is Louise Marwood now?

Louise recently began acting on Coronation Street as Camilla, Phill Whittaker’s ex-wife (Jamie Kenna).

The Sun Online was told by a source: “In the upcoming weeks, Phill’s ex-wife will make her presence felt on the cobblestones.

“As the wedding of Fiz and Phill approaches, she plans to sow havoc.

“What does she want, though? Will Fiz be able to handle Camilla’s misbehavior and that of Mimi, her prospective mother-in-law, as well?”

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