Why did Coronation Street dog Cerberus leave the soap and who owns him?

What does Coronation Street dog Cerberus’ name mean and what happened to him? Here’s what we know…

This week, Evelyn Plummer was forced to put her dog Cerberus to sleep after he developed a terrible illness, leaving Coronation Street viewers in tears.

In the distressing events, the greyhound was seen being brought to the veterinarian after entirely losing his appetite.

Tyrone Dobbs was informed by a concerned veterinarian that Cerberus may have had food poisoning when he was not improving.

Roy Cropper then admitted that he had accidentally dropped an Eccles cake in the café and was concerned that Cerberus could have eaten it.

The vet then delivered the heartbreaking news that Cerberus had kidney failure and was unlikely to recover because of his advanced age.

The kindest course of action, in Evelyn’s opinion, would be to put him to sleep. She expressed this to her companions by saying, “I don’t want to see him suffer.”

She sobbed uncontrollably as she embraced her puppy in a blanket and bid him farewell.

She said, “Thank you for being the best boy, the prince of Weatherfield,” as the veterinarian gave him the shot.

Why is Cerberus the dog leaving Coronation Street?

Although it is unknown why the dog was killed off on camera, Coronation Street viewers are not pleased.

Corrie far too much showing the poor dog getting her shot, one commenter commented. “Devastating Corrie omg #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

Another remarked, “There was no need for the dog to pass away,” while a fourth added, “RIP Cerberus. When animals on television die, I always cry more than when people do. Outstanding performances from @alanhalsall and #MaureenLipman You had us all with you there! ITV, Coronation Street, and Corrie.

Who owns Cerberus the dog in Coronation Street?

Cerberus is a nine-year-old Greyhound whose real name is Boss; his owner is unknown.

The Evelyn-playing actress Maureen Lipman described how Boss appeared “a bit subdued” before shooting his final scenes.

He was quite somber for a few days, she told the Metro, as she continued: “It was as if he had an intuition that he was being written out. It was even more tragic because of his bravery.

He was very valiant till the last end; he just laid there, and we were all on the floor with this lovely soul, Maureen continued, adding that she “had blocked out filming.” The dog is obviously okay, but I genuinely miss him.

What does the name Cerberus mean?

Cerberus was the name of the three-headed dog that guarded the door to Hades in Greek myth, despite the Coronation Street canine having a tranquil disposition.

The Greek word creoboros, which means “flesh-devouring,” is also the source of Cerberus’ name. The three heads are meant to symbolize the three causes of human conflict: “nature, cause, and accident.”

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