Why did Brooke Vincent quit Coronation Street?

Brooke Vincent, who has played Sophie Webster on Coronation Street for the past 18 years, has announced her departure from the programme.

The actress was previously supposed to be on maternity leave, but a source close to Coronation Street has verified that her contract expired two years ago.

Brooke Vincent left Coronation Street for a variety of reasons.
Brooke departed Coronation Street to embark on maternity leave, and she and her partner Kean Bryan had their first child, Mexx, on October 23, 2019.

By November 2020, the 29-year-old had stated she was expecting her second child, Monroe, whom she gave birth to in May 2021.

Brooke had been expected to return to the show at some time, but according to The Sun, she has no intentions to do so.

Sophie Webster, as played by Stirling Gallacher, left the Cobbles at the time to go on a trip after her partner Paula Martin (played by Stirling Gallacher) purchased the tickets for her.

What did Brooke Vincent have to say about quitting smoking?
Brooke has yet to comment on her decision to leave the show.

“Everyone expected Brooke to return to the soap, but her contract expired two years ago, and there are no plans to get her back on,” a source told The Sun.

“Brooke has stated that she might do some acting work towards the end of the year, but it won’t be on the cobblestones,” they continued.

Another insider informed The Sun at the time that the production crew had no plans to kill off her character anytime soon, so she could come back whenever she wanted.

Brooke has appeared in about 1,300 episodes and is one of the most popular characters from the show’s current era.

She first appeared on Corrie in 2004, and was the third actress to play Sophie, succeeding Emma Woodward.

In May of that year, she made her on-screen debut, and she stayed on the show until 2019.

“The employers would have her back in a heartbeat,” the person continued, “but it doesn’t look like that will happen for several years at least.”

What is she going to do next?
For the time being, it appears that the mother of two will be focussing on raising her sons.

She is “making big money” from her own company and “many other Instagram postings,” according to a source.

Kean’s hefty football income also means she won’t be rushing back to the soap’s hectic schedule anytime soon.

Brooke is the owner of Oh So B, a firm that provides diaries and planners.

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