Who played Phil Simmonds in Coronation Street and where is he now?

What happened to Coronation Street’s Phil Simmonds and what did he do to Toyah Battersby?

Fans of Coronation Street may recall the vicious antagonist Phil Simmonds, who attacked Toyah Battersby of Weatherfield.

Less than a year later, in August 2001, Phil made his final appearance after making his debut in September 2000.

Before going to jail, he had just about enough time to create mayhem in the ITV soap opera.

What happened to Phil Simmonds and who was he? This is what we do know:

Who was Phil Simmonds in Coronation Street?

Phil Simmonds initially appeared on Coronation Street after Duggie Ferguson and Vinny Sorrell forcibly removed him from his apartment and left him homeless.

Toyah, Phil’s next-door neighbor, was incensed that he had been evicted and helped him resolve the dispute amicably; nevertheless, when Phil later learned that Toyah had supported Duggie, he raped her in an alleyway.

Toyah had no idea who had attacked her that evening, and a DNA test had been mandated for everyone on the street.

Peter Barlow was first detained on a rape suspicion but was later exonerated thanks to DNA evidence.

When Phil yelled Toyah’s name and she recognized the voice she had heard shortly before her ordeal, he was finally taken off guard.

Peter heard the screams and went into the house to stop the bad guy from attacking Toyah once more.

Despite his initial denials, Phil was arrested after the DNA found on Toyah’s clothes matched that of Phil.

He was sent to Strangeways Jail, where he later confessed to Toyah that he had attempted suicide.

Where is Jack Deam now?

The roles of Marty Fisher in Shameless and Inspector Mallory in Father Brown are possibly Jack Deam’s best known for.

Along with Heartbeat and The Life and Times of Henry Pratt, he has also been in the Granada TV soap opera Families.

Other credits include Silent Witness, Hillsborough, New Tricks, Soldier Soldier, Clocking Off, and Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar.

When Rana Habeeb passed away on the day she was supposed to marry Kate Connor, her fans were heartbroken. Many viewers thought that by implying that gay relationships end tragically, it was disrespectful to the LGBTIA community.

Ofcom evaluated the complaints before determining not to look into them. A spokeswoman at the time stated: “We took into consideration criticisms that this plotline inaccurately depicted LGBT couples.

“In our opinion, the character’s premature death was characteristic of this soap opera’s dramatic plotlines and would not have exceeded the expectations of the majority of viewers,”

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