Who is Sally Metcalfe in Coronation Street? How many times has she been married?

Since she has worked on Coronation Street for 36 years, Sally Metcalfe is no stranger to tenacity.

She has a lot going on romantically in Classic Coronation Street, despite her marriage crisis with Tim Metcalfe on the present Corrie!

Sally finds it difficult to forgive Tim when he watches porn and turns to Aggie Bailey rather than his wife for solace.

She is currently engaged to Danny Hargreaves on ITV3, but her ex-husband Kevin wants to win her back.

In Coronation Street, how many marriages has Sally had?

In Coronation Street, who is Sally Metcalfe portrayed by?
Sally, who is superbly portrayed by Sally Dynevor, has developed in a variety of unanticipated ways.

The most challenging aspect of breast cancer in 2010 involved both the character and the actor.

Since Sally and Tim Metcalfe’s brilliant combination, their smooth transition from drama to comedy has been a bow-tie for both Sallys.

Sal can collapse in court at those shocking guilty verdicts one moment, and the next she can be teaching her fellow prisoners conversational Spanish. It’s been quite the journey.

When did Sally first arrive on Coronation Street?

In 1986, Sally Seddon was only supposed to appear in four episodes. Kevin Webster accidently wet her with his van, and that was the beginning of it. Even after 35 years, she is still going strong.

Sally was able to get her feet beneath the table at number 13 because Kevin was Hilda Ogden’s lodger at the time.

Hilda wasn’t a fan at first, but after realizing how miserable Sally’s home life was, she changed her mind—as long as Kevin wasn’t involved in any strange behavior.

Sally was eager to advance in society even when she was young. Although she sometimes came off as demanding, this was largely a result of her own turbulent upbringing.

Does Sally have kids in Coronation Street?

Daughters Rosie and Sophie, who were born in 1990 and 1994, respectively, have both caused their mother a lot of insomnia.

Sally was shocked to learn that Rosie had unintentionally turned into a drug mule after working as a model.

Similarly, Rosie had an affair with John Stape, her teacher (who Sally fancied).

Sally thought they were rushing into things when Sophie came out to her mother as gay and then attempted to elope with her best friend Sian. Even less thrilled was Sally when Sophie started dating Paula, an old friend from school.

But Sophie and Rosie remain loyal to their mother. They assisted in capturing Auntie Gina’s stepdaughter Leah, her troll. Nobody “makes a mug out of Sally Metcalfe,” in Rosie’s words.

Sally frequently speaks about her daughters, who are both currently off-screen due to the beginning of families for actors Helen Flangan (Rosie) and Brooke Vincent (Sophie). But when will they go back to live with their mother?

How many times has Sally Metcalfe been married? 

Sally has only wed twice, four times total, and to separate men.

Sally can claim Kevin Webster as her second husband. He is the father of her children, and the two of them are still very close.

Although she brought him back for protection for herself and the girls following his affair with Natalie Horrocks, she ultimately had an affair with Greg Kelly.

She received £55k after her mother passed away, and he was only using her for her money.

But Sally happily moved in with him, and the two of them started a business. But when things didn’t go his way, Greg became aggressive and beat Sally.

He started pursuing her and threatening her when she eventually left. Later, he was detained.

Sally got engaged to Danny Hargreaves after divorcing Kevin.

He had helped her overcome her experience with stalking, and their friendship gradually developed into love. Together, they owned and operated D & S Hardware.

However, Sally admitted to having a one-night affair with Kevin a year earlier on their wedding day, and Danny broke things up.

Sally and Kevin remarried for financial security and to provide stability for the girls after a brief romance with Martin Platt.

In 2005, Sally deceived once more, this time with Ian Davenport, but Kevin maintained he was unaware.

Sally and Kevin’s love was immediately evident to all. But his affair put an end to everything.

One betrayal too many for Jack, Kevin’s son by Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns), and Sally and Kevin ended up divorcing permanently.

Who is she married to now?

Tim Metcalfe, a window washer, and Sally initially made for a stereotypical mismatch. He only desired a simple existence, despite her constant attempts to better him.

It was terrible when lying, master manipulator Duncan Radfield nearly destroyed Tim’s faith in Sally, but they have since proven to be one of Corrie’s best partnerships. Geoff Metcalfe, Tim’s evil father, was unable to separate them.

When Sal learned that Tim had gotten married in Vegas and didn’t think it was legal, there was a small detour (one of many). The information implied that Sally and Tim weren’t legally married.

However, the couple moved past it and was married in person in 2020.

But now, things have started to go south again.

Tim did not tell Sally that he needed a triple heart bypass; instead, he confided in his next-door neighbor Aggie Bailey.

They almost split up because Sally was upset that he couldn’t be honest with her. They resolved it, but Tim is no longer able to perform in the bedroom.

Sally is horrified and worries once more that her marriage is in jeopardy since he has been watching porn. Can they part ways?

Sally’s best friends

Over the years, Sally has not had a lot of close friends. Rita, who took her under her wing while Sally was expecting Sophie, has been one of her closest friends.

Additionally, her connection with Gail recently had fans in fits of laughter.

Sally and Abi represent one of the most unlikely partnerships. Not every friend would get away with punching you in the face, so when Abi did in prison to give Sally some time before her trial, Sally was incredibly appreciative.

Sally was so appreciative that she let Abi know that she could stay with them. It wasn’t long before Sally had Abi role-playing with Tim for job interviews after turning Abi into a bit of a pet project.

Ironically, Sal’s time in prison has given him access. It implied that she could even tell Gail stories from her time in jail over a few drinks at The Rovers.

But one of the most tragic was Sally’s response in 2018 when the judge handed down a four-year prison sentence for her.

Sally was completely innocent and Duncan Radford had set her up as a fraud victim. Even Tim found it difficult to accept that she hadn’t been having an affair with Duncan.

However, the truth finally out, and Sal was freed.

Prison nearly destroyed her. Marcia, a heroin dealer, beat her severely, and she believed Tim had abandoned her. Fans of Sally Metcalfe, however, are aware that she is made of tougher material.

Sally has triumphed over breast cancer, a minibus accident, and falling through the Underworld roof.

Where is Sally’s sister, Gina?

You’d think Duncan would be Sally’s number one opponent after framing her, getting her incarcerated, and almost ruining her marriage.

In actuality, Gina, her sister, deserves that honor. Gina helped have Sally sent down and then attempted to have a sexual encounter with Tim while her sister was injured.

On the factory roof, Gina remarked, “We used to be like two mud larks on a twig,” just before Sally fell through.

Sal responded, “Leave my family alone and go away.” It’s hard to blame her.

Gina did indeed move on to greener pastures, but the sisters were still amicable.

And since Gina fractured her ankle and required care, Sally has gone to stay with her.

What’s next for Sally?

Sally is sick and tired of Tim “shutting her out.” She advises them to take a break.

Tim confides in Aggie about his anxieties and begs Sally not to lose up on them. She advises him to talk to his wife about his concerns, and he does so.

When he admits he’s terrified of dying, Sally is relieved he’s being sincere. When he begins reading a book about death, she is overjoyed because she believes he is facing his anxieties and taking control.

But he’s not being completely truthful, is he?

Sal is unaware that Aggie is the source of everything.

How will she react when she learns? Will their marriage survive this?

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