Who is replacing EastEnders’ Abbie Burke as Amy Mitchell is recast

Later this week, EastEnders will undergo a significant casting change when the BBC announced a new actress will portray Amy Mitchell.

Amy is the daughter of the late Roxy Mitchell and Jack Branning (played by Scott Maslen) (Rita Simons).

Amy will reportedly be bullied by Denzil and Nugget, two other teenagers who hang out on the Square.

She stole food from Walford East in an attempt to impress the males, but they later singled her out at school after posting an image of her legs online.

Amy already had a challenging childhood; she doesn’t need anything more.

Who is replacing EastEnders’ Abbie Burke as Amy Mitchell?

When Amy initially appeared on the show, the 13-year-old was portrayed by sisters Kamil and Natalia Lipka-Kozanka.

The position was next held by Amelie Conway from 2010 until 2014, after which Abbie Burke filled Amy’s shoes.

Ellie Dadd will appear in EastEnders as Amy Mitchell later this week, the BBC has revealed.

In Silent Witness, Ellie is best known for playing Cat Shaw.

Why has the actress for Amy Mitchell changed?

Amy’s coming-of-age plotline and the casting shift are related.

As obligations change and children growing quickly, which may not coincide with filming, it is not uncommon for child stars to be switched out frequently.

A spokesperson reportedly told Metro: “The recast choice is one that happens frequently with actors playing youngsters growing older on soaps, as more adult themes come into play.

“There are some important storylines in Amy’s future; the choice was made without any consideration for Abbie, who is adored by the EastEnders cast and staff.

Recasting young performers as children take on more difficult adult stories is common in ongoing drama. Abbie has our warmest wishes for the future.

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