Who is Moses Dingle dad in Emmerdale?

How old is Moses Dingle and who is his dad? Here’ what we know about the young Emmerdale character…

While her daughter Debbie Dingle was visiting her in prison, Charity went into labor. She was sent to the hospital right away to give birth to a baby boy.

She signed the parental rights over to Debbie in the hopes that it would shorten her prison sentence, but it didn’t.

He was given the name Moses by the Dingles when he moved into Mulberry Cottage, and Chas and Sam Dingle served as his godparents at his baptism in 2015.

But whose father is Moses? This is what we do know:

Who is Moses’ dad in Emmerdale?

Moses’ father is Ross Barton, which surprised the Dingles because Debbie had been having an affair with Pete’s brother Ross when they were engaged.

He was born on June 11, 2015, making him approximately seven years old. Actor Arthur Cockroft portrays him.

Debbie, Ryan, and Noah are Moses’ three older half-siblings, and Charity also legally adopted Johnny, Vanessa Woodfield’s son.

Where is Ross Barton now?

Ross went to Liverpool in 2018 along with his girlfriend Rebecca and her kid Seb.

Ross was offered a job in Liverpool, so the couple decided to leave Emmerdale for a new beginning. Ross had originally intended to take Moses with them.

Ryan Stocks informed Charity about Ross’ drug use, and she forbade him from doing so.

Ross pleaded with Charity not to exclude him from his son’s life, and Charity consented to allow him to speak with Moses whenever he wanted as long as he didn’t seek sole custody.

Ross hasn’t appeared in Emmerdale since 2018, however Charity has indicated that Ross might pick up their son or take Moses to his dad’s.

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