Who is Kit in Emmerdale? Who plays the two-timing physiotherapist?

Since her initial appearance in the soap opera in May, Kit the physiotherapist in Emmerdale has had audiences swooning and then enraged.

Thoren Ferguson’s character Kit debuted on Emmerdale as a part of the Marlon Dingle’s stroke recovery plot.

However, did you recognize Thoren from any of his previous TV roles? And did you know he’s a musician as well?

Here is some additional information about the actor that plays Kit:

Emmerdale: Kit is played by Thoren Ferguson

Scottish hottie Thoren portrays Kit, a sweet yet deceitful character whose current plot has “sickened” admirers.

After Marlon was released from the hospital, he started visiting Marlon to establish his presence.

But as he made progress, Marlon grew impatient, and the two argued.

It came down to Marlon’s inability to adjust to Kit’s ways. Marlon also thought he was being pushed too quickly and hard.

By courting Laurel, he turned Jai’s nose up.

However, Kit has also been romancing Gabby, Laurel’s stepdaughter, whom he met on a dating app, in addition to wooing her.

At least one person seems to be about to experience heartbreak as a result of Kit’s roguish pursuit of two women at the same time. And it’s unlikely that he will feel hurt…

Where else have you seen Thoren Ferguson?

Thoren plays a stringed instrument, whereas Kit may play the heartstrings. And he’s a fiddler, that’s why!

He is a multi-talented musician who also teaches and composes. He also serves as the band’s leader, and he has uploaded videos of The Jacobites’ folk music concerts to his YouTube channel.

In the same narrative, Thoren’s acting career is also hinted at. He appears to have previously been featured in advertisements for both Johnnie Walker whisky and Scottish tourism.

However, Thoren appeared on television before his present role in Emmerdale.

His roles on television include Hal Stewart in The Spanish Princess and DC Matt Travis Clique.

However, audiences might be most familiar with him from his roles in the Jed Mercurio thriller Vigil and two episodes of Shetland’s sixth season.

He portrayed Eamon Gauldie in Shetland and Bretton in the BBC submarine thriller.

And he most recently appeared on television as Jamie Travis in The Midwich Cuckoos, which aired before Emmerdale.

The movies Consecration, Matriarch, Blue Christmas, Animals, and Tomrrow all feature Thoren in prominent parts.

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