Who is Gabrielle Glaister? Brookside star cast in Corrie’s new doppelgänger storyline

When two Bernie Winters emerge on Coronation Street the following week, viewers might not believe what they are witnessing.

It’s not the fans, though; the second Bernie is actually Fern, her identical twin who is a part of a brand-new plot.

Actress Gabrielle Glaister, who will play Fern, Bernie’s doppelgänger, has recently joined the Corrie ensemble, it has been confirmed.

After being “constantly confused” for Gabrielle, Bernie actress Jane Hazelgrove actually came up with the concept of having a double on the show.

I told Jonathan about this idea a while back, she said. People frequently say they have seen one of Gabby or me in something when in fact they have seen the other of us.

“We have often laughed about it together, but I then began to consider how much fun it might be to have her appear on the show as Bernie’s doppelgänger or secret twin.

“When they informed me that they had developed this plot and that Gabby was on board, I was overjoyed.”

Here are some possible sources for the new Corrie impersonator actress as well as her upcoming appearances.

Who is Gabrielle Glaister?

Actress Gabrielle Glaister is well-known for playing Patricia Farnham in Brookside.

Although this is Glaister’s most recent appearance on Corrie, she had previously appeared in the serial opera as Debs Brownlow.

She later played Trish Wallace in Family Affairs before assuming the role of Hilary Benshaw in Emmerdale in 2019.

Gabrielle is now going back to Weatherfield, but she’s not going back as Debs.

Like Jane, Gabrielle mentioned how the two are frequently confused for one another and thought the new doppelgänger plot was “very smart.”

“Jane and I have been confused for each other for years and years,” she said. Jane insistence that she wasn’t in Brookside, and me persistently denying that I was in Casualty!

“Or people praising me for my performance in a role I wasn’t in because Jane was outstanding. Last week, I received a text message from a close friend telling me that he saw a little of Corrie and thought I was excellent. I emphasized that I wasn’t yet visible on film.

“It looked like serendipity when they contacted me with the plot! They’ve created something incredibly creative, and working with Jane is fun for me.

When will Gabrielle Glaister be on Coronation Street?

For her return to Corrie, Gabrielle has already been very busy filming, and the doppelgänger plot will begin on August 26.

After Bernie is mistaken for Fern when picking up Joseph’s new school outfit and receives her parcel from the shop assistant in error, the plot will start with a mix-up over a parcel collection.

Fern shows up at Bernie’s house to accuse her of stealing and demand the package, but the two women are immediately startled by how much they resemble one another.

As Fern then tries to involve Bernie in some shady actions, the performance is destined for double trouble.

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