Who is Brian Conley and is he related to Bradley Walsh?

Comedian Brian Conley is well-known for his resemblance to Bradley Walsh.

In the past, the two have been confused for each other, with some even believing they were the same person.

So, who is Brian Conley, and why is he frequently mistaken for his pal Bradley Walsh? Are they related?

Here’s what we currently know.

What is Brian Conley’s name?

Brian Conley, a British actor and comedian best known for hosting The Brian Conley Show, will be on the Celebrity Chase tonight (May 8).

He’s also appeared in a number of award-winning television productions, including Time After Time and The Grimleys.

Many people may recognize Brian from his role in EastEnders as Sonia Jackson’s long-lost father Terry Cant.

Bradley Walsh is frequently mistaken for Brian Conley.
Many fans have noted how much Brian Conley and The Chase host Bradley Walsh resemble each other throughout the years.

On numerous times, the two have appeared to be mistaking each other.

We are two distinct individuals. We’re both in the same room now.

Some people have even believed they were the same individual!

The comedian and the host of The Chase, whose repeat airs today, stood next to each other to confirm that they are two different people.

“We’re two different guys,” Brian joked. We’re both in the same room now.”

“Everyone makes mistakes with us, don’t they?” Bradley replied.

“Can I just say you actually look like Bradley Walsh?” a woman said to Brian, before adding, “No offense.”

Is there any connection between Brian Conley and Bradley Walsh?

Although Brian Conley and Bradley Walsh are not related, they are close friends.

They were even in each other’s weddings.

“We’re tight – we were ushers at each other’s weddings and we even lived on the same road in Watford at one point,” Bradley told Radio Times.

What is Brian Conley’s take on the situation?

Brian Conley confessed that the two are frequently confused for each other in an interview with Radio Times.

He went on to describe how they’ve been mistaken for each other on countless occasions.

Brian, who appeared in Dolly Parton’s musical 9 to 5, said that despite his name being on the theater poster, admirers approached him outside the theater thinking he was Bradley Walsh.

“When Bradley came to my opening night in 9 to 5 the Musical, the show’s press team contacted him for interviews because they assumed he was me,” he added.

However, Brian has admitted that after lockdown, he will most likely no longer be mistaken for him.

“Mind you, with my new lockdown look, I won’t be mistaken for him anymore — I’m all grey and have a beard, so now I’m more like Martin Kemp… a younger Martin Kemp, to be honest!” he remarked.

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