Who does Kim Vithana play in Coronation Street and why do you recognise her?

How old is Kim Vathana and what else has the Coronation Street star been in?

Fans of Coronation Street will recognize Kim Vithana as Imran Habeeb’s mother Saira.

When Saira took on the role again earlier this year, she was there to console Toyah Battersby (played by Georgia Taylor) after the passing of her husband.

However, who is Kim Vithana and has she ever been in Coronation Street? Learn everything…

How old is Coronation Street’s Kim Vithana?

Kim Vithana was born on June 4th, 1969, in Nottingham, making her 53 years old.

She has previously made three appearances on Corrie, so this is not her first time.

Kim portrayed Frances “Frankie” Stillman, a lawyer who aided Mike Baldwin in his shady operations, in 1997.

A few years later, the actress played Doctor Bannerjee, a Weatherfield General-based psychiatrist who examined Claire Peacock in September 2006 in the role.

In 2009, Kim returned to the screen to portray an unknown paediatric doctor who attended to Simon Barlow while he was hospitalized following a fire at 9a Rosamund Street.

Kim has intermittently appeared since November 2016 as Saira Habeeb, the mother of Rana and Imran.

What else has Kim Vithana been in?

Kim is a skilled actor who has been in a lot of movies and TV shows throughout the years.

She has appeared on Family Pride, Specials, and Firm Friends on television.

She also landed a part in The Phoenix and the Carpet and as Rosie Sattar in the television series Holby City from 2003 to 2005.

Additionally, the actress appeared in Casualty, EastEnders, Cracker, Love Hurts, Dangerfield, and North Square. She also played Yvonne in Always and Everyone.

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