Who dies in Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary? All the rumoured victims

Who passes away this year when Emmerdale marks its 50th birthday? The pain will be great.

Rumors that some characters may pass away during the month-long celebration are rampant on the ITV soap opera.

Who will it be, though?

Faith Dingle

At this point, it would be more unexpected if Faith passed away before the 50th anniversary.

Her impending death has been discussed on Emmerdale like it’s a passing fad.

The idea that she is nearing the end has been ingrained in the minds of the people, and let’s face it, Faith’s time is running out.

She will succumb to deadly cancer, and she will most likely pass away with her loved ones by her side.

And she’ll probably reveal her daughter Chas’ relationship with Al Chapman, which helps move the conversation on to…

Chas Dingle

Few characters, including Chas, could get away with having an affair behind her husband’s back with the man who devastated her life.

Chas must leave since her terrible behavior over the years has finally caught up with her.

Even though Faith’s mother may be dying, Al’s bed shouldn’t be entered without permission.

And because it will hurt Paddy’s heart, who is one of the nicest people in the hamlet, viewers won’t ever be able to forgive her.

Nicola King

Throughout the year, Emmerdale likes to drop hints about impending exits.

Additionally, since since she was viciously attacked by the group of women in the parking lot, Nicola has been seen walking around with a large neon sign that reads “future murder victim.”

They are aware of her address, therefore this week she made the decision to wage war on them and find them.

It doesn’t seem like old Nico will have a happy ending, does it?

And last month, actor Nicola Wheeler gave a significant indication regarding her future on the program.

Liv Flaherty

He was essentially the only thing keeping her in the village, and now her brother is gone.

She may already be wed to Vinny Dingle, who wouldn’t be a loss either, but her cruel mother Sandra has returned and she intends to steal her daughter for all the money she can muster. Could she possibly kill her to obtain it?

Liv would, at the absolute least, lose her home, which is the only thing keeping her in the community.

Is it time to bid the young alcoholic farewell?

Meena Jutla

Meena might not technically be in the village right now given that she is incarcerated and serving a 75-year prison term.

To not anticipate Meena’s shocking comeback for Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary in October, however, would be to live under a rock.

Additionally, she will likely make her final appearance as with all good serial killers because, to be very clear, she will pass away.

She will, however, pass away carrying out her favorite pastime: murder. Hopefully she will remove enough deadwood to make the soap acceptable when Christmas approaches.

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