Who did Kelvin Fletcher play in Emmerdale and why did he quit?

When did Kelvin Fletcher leave Emmerdale? And what happened to his character Andy Sugden? Find out everything…

While Sheridan Smith and Kelvin Fletcher are back on our screens in the brand-new drama The Teacher, Kelvin Fletcher is best known to soap opera fans for his 20-year run on Emmerdale.

The actor first appeared on our screens in 1996 when he was just 12 years old, and over the years he has developed into one of ITV’s most recognizable faces.

But what transpired to Andy Sugden, portrayed in Emmerdale by Kelvin Fletcher, and why did he choose to leave? What you need to know is as follows:

Who did Kelvin Fletcher play in Emmerdale?

Millions of Emmerdale viewers were familiar with Kelvin as Andy Sugden, one of the show’s most adored characters.

The actor took on the role of Andy Hopwood in the ITV soap opera in July 1996, and he remained there till his retirement in 2016.

He was involved in a number of significant plotlines, such as numerous failed relationships, incarceration, and a few murders.

Andy was adopted by the Sugden family after moving to the community. Later, he met Katie (Sammy Winward), who he dated intermittently until she left in 2015.

After they welcomed their daughter Sarah, Andy’s affair with Debbie Dingle was a major plot point before he later wed Jo (Roxanne Pallett).

Due to this, Andy became irate with his wife in 2008, which led to a groundbreaking domestic violence plot line.

Additionally, Andy and his brother Robert were embroiled in a nasty argument, and Andy attempted suicide in 2015 as a result of Robert’s relationship with Katie.

What happened to Andy Sugden in Emmerdale?

Kelvin’s persona After escaping from custody in 2016 after being falsely accused of trying to kill Robert’s fiancée Chrissie White, Andy fled the hamlet.

Chrissie concealed the gun that her murderous son Lachlan used to kill Lawrence, her father, to death. She then made an attempt to pressure Andy’s attorney into accepting a guilty plea.

Andy disregarded this, entered a not guilty plea, escaped from custody, and left the country using a phony passport.

Bernice Blackstock, his stepsister and potential love interest, had agreed to accompany him but had changed her mind shortly before he left.

Why did Kelvin Fletcher quit Emmerdale?

After confessing he wanted to “do other things,” Kelvin departed to pursue a career in automobile racing.

He earlier remarked to The Bolton News that Emmerdale’s plots, show, and overall mood were all excellent. But I suddenly found myself in a peculiar situation.

“They had given me this sense of confidence and belief, and I felt like I was truly finding myself as an artist,” she said.

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