Who did Amelia sleep with in Emmerdale, and is Heath Hope the father of her baby?

After appearing to decide against having an abortion, Amelia Spencer of Emmerdale has yet to reveal the identity of the father of her unborn child.

In recent scenes, the 15-year-old pregnant teen found out she was carrying a child and was shocked.

The woman is in the middle of her second trimester and it soon became clear that they had slept with an unknown teenage male.

While there were no amorous scenes at the time, Amelia is likely to have had sex in early March, if not somewhat before.

Fans have been attempting to piece together the clues since it has been established that Noah Dingle is not the father but there is no proof of this.

Who did Amelia sleep with?

Although the identity of the teen guy Amelia had sex with has not yet been established, it is known that she has not spoken to him since.

It may imply that although the figure isn’t currently featured on the program, some viewers still believe they are a villager.

Samson Dingle, one of Amelia’s closest pals, made it apparent early this year that he liked her, but she didn’t share his feelings.

Fans believe he is the father despite the fact that he is now involved with Cathy Hope.

Although Amelia has seen the father since March, her comments about not seeing him since they shared a bed may rule this out.

Another front-runner is Heath Hope because Amelia hasn’t been spotted with him in months but has been with his sister Cathy.

Viewers have speculated that he will be identified as the father due to his limited screen time and absence from the other teens.

Another candidate is Jacob Gallagher, though some supporters feel he is too old.

Although there haven’t been many scenes with Amelia recently despite there having been several in the past, some fans haven’t ruled out the chance that Jacob is the father.

Arthur Thomas, who has also not been seen much recently and has also not been spotted with Amelia, is a final name in the running.

However, viewers think he might be the father.

When did Amelia have sex? When will Amelia give birth?

Amelia appears to have become pregnant in late February or early March, but it is unknown how far along she is.

No moments from the action or romantic relationships were addressed, but more information will undoubtedly be made public shortly.

She may be around 21 or 22 weeks pregnant, according to the doctor, who informed her that she was halfway through the second trimester.

If so, Amelia’s due date will probably be near the end of November or the beginning of December.

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