Where is Emmerdale’s Terry Woods actor Billy Hartman now? TV career, marriage collapse and life since the soap

Billy Hartman, a veteran of Emmerdale, is best known for playing Terry Woods in the enduring ITV soap opera. He first appeared in the Dales in February 1995.

Before he and Viv Hope (Deena Payne) were killed off in early 2011, he was one of the longest-running characters on the show. After attempting to save Viv from the onfire post office, he passed away on January 13.

Billy was a significant fan favorite throughout his time in the Dales and was involved in several major stories, including his affair with Viv Windsor, his stroke, and his tumultuous relationship with Dawn Hope.

But after quitting the serial opera, what happened to actor Billy Hartman, and what is he doing now?

What is actor Billy Hartman doing now?

After leaving Emmerdale, Billy appeared in Casualty in 2013 as Graham O’Reilly, and most recently, in 2019, he had a minor part in Keeping Faith.

He appeared in the Savoy Theatre production of Gypsy in 2015, as well as the 2019 television drama Keeping Faith.

Billy Hartman’s love life

On-screen It’s safe to conclude that Terry’s love life was anything from smooth, and it seems that his private life is not much different.

The seven-year marriage of actor Billy Hartman and his stunning wife, Karen Hartley, ended after Billy, who is Scottish-born, accepted a new deal with the serial opera.

The freelance make-up artist was hoping Billy would quit the show and make a fresh start with her by moving into a luxurious home they had bought in London; the former model had already arranged a nursery for the child she yearned to have. The couple fell out over Karen’s demands to establish a kid.

Billy, however, spent most nights at his apartment in Leeds due to the demanding schedule of the show, allowing him to be close to the location where the show is recorded.

At the time, an insider stated: “Karen is distraught since she truly believed that moving into a new home would provide her and Billy with a fresh start.

They had spoken of redecorating the house together, but Karen had to postpone that because she couldn’t afford to do it herself.

“She had even chosen the nursery’s color scheme for the child she was so anxious to conceive.

She had spent the entire week packing her possessions and crying. Karen was giddy with anticipation for their future together. That it came to this is really a tragedy.

At the time of their marriage’s dissolution, the Hartmans issued a joint statement, which read: “We are both really sorry, but we wish everyone to know that we remain very dear friends. In addition, we think this is a private concern.

Billy has not been reported to have wed again, and he is a childless man.

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