Where is Emmerdale’s Butch Dingle star now? Inside Paul Loughran’s life after exit

Since the 1970s, Emmerdale has thrived thanks to a cast of endearing characters who have helped the ITV soap become what it is today.

One of them was Butch Dingle, the son of Zak and Nellie Dingle and a key member of the Dingle family.

Sadly, his stay in the community came to a tragic end, devastating the well-known family.

Francis Albert Dingle, well known as Butch Dingle, made his first appearance in Emmerdale in 1994 and remained a cast member for six years.

When he was six years old, his father gave him the moniker “Butch” after he brought some flowers home from school to press and dry into a book.

In an effort to persuade his son to “man up,” Zak began calling him Butch because he felt that he was too sensitive.

Butch spent his early years in the hamlet being a nuisance and a bully since he was unable to articulate how he genuinely felt out of fear of disappointing his father.

Years later, against her father’s objections, Butch was seeing Emily Wylie (Kate McGregor).

Sadly, disaster struck in 2000 when he was hurt in a local bus accident, leaving him with critical wounds.

Butch and Emily were eager to become husband and wife, so they wed while he was in the hospital, but he passed away soon after.

Butch’s gravestone reads, “Dead but still Dingles,” and it is placed near to that of his brother who passed away a few years ago.

Where is Emmerdale’s Butch Dingle star Paul Loughran now?

Actor Paul Loughran continued to appear in programs after leaving Emmerdale.

Doctors, The Bill, Heartbeat, Mobile, and I Fought the Law were a few of these.

His most significant role following the Yorkshire series was a six-year stint as DS Butchers in ITV’s Blue Murder.

Loughran therefore made the decision to give acting a complete rest and seek a completely different line of work.

The Butch star returned to school for a further seven years in order to complete his primary school teaching certification.

He apparently worked at a Blackburn school until 2016, when he returned to the entertainment industry as a character in the drama Jericho.

He made an appearance in Coronation Street the same year as Darryl Perkins, Craig Tinker’s (Colson Smith) jailed father.

He also played a supporting role in the BBC medical drama Casualty a year later.

Since Loughran hasn’t seen on TV since 2017, little is known about his life after 2017.

He doesn’t use social media, therefore we don’t know what his romantic situation is.

It is thought that Loughran might have gone back to teaching.

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