Where Emmerdale star Rocky Marshall is now five years after Mark Bails character

Who is Mark Bails and what happened to him in Emmerdale? Everything you need to know…

When Charity Dingle learned that Mark Bails had passed away, she had a difficult week.

Charity asked her cousin and ex-partner Cain to accompany her to a cemetery where she discovered Mark Bails’ grave after getting a startling phone call.

The marker on Mark’s headstone indicated that he passed away on January 5th of this year from a heart attack he experienced while incarcerated.

Yet, many have been curious about Mark Bails and the actor who portrayed him.

Who was Mark Bails in Emmerdale?

In 2014, Mark makes his debut in Emmerdale as a dishonest police detective inspector.

He was determined to put Charity in jail as soon as he got there for her part in Declan Macey’s insurance scam at Home Farm back in 2013.

After being sentenced to two years in prison, Charity later admitted that Mark had abused her as a youngster.

When Tracy Metcalfe called the police to denounce a man named Phil Webb for extorting her, Mark returned to Emmerdale in 2018.

Then Charity revealed to Vanessa Woodfield, who was her then-partner, that Mark had manipulated and raped her when she was only 14 years old, leaving her pregnant.

Charity initially believed her child had passed away soon after birth, but it was later discovered Ryan had been adopted and raised by midwife Irene Stocks.

When Charity reported Mark’s abuse at a news conference for a police campaign, he was eventually brought to justice.

After that, he was adjudged guilty of rape and wrongful confinement and given a 30-year prison term.

Who played Mark Bails and where is he now?

Rocky Marshall, an actor and broadcaster, played Mark Bails.

He received his training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has appeared in movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mean Machine, Remainder, Hart’s War, and Re-Kill.

Mr. Selfridge, The Royals, A Confession, Family Affairs, Casualty, Holby City, Law & Order: UK, Waking the Dead, and The Bill are just a few of the TV shows he has appeared in.

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