Where Coronation Street actor Andrew Scarborough is now 20 years after Harvey Reuben role

What happened to Andrew Scarborough’s character Harvey Reuden in the television series Corrie?

Fans of Coronation Street may recall Harvey Reuben, who first appeared in the soap opera in 2000.

While Mike and Linda Baldwin were away on their honeymoon, he took over the factory as Underworld’s interim manager.

He became popular with the ladies right away, but during his brief stay in Weatherfield, he managed to ruffle more than a few feathers.

But who played Harvey and what happened to him? Here is all the information you require.

Harvey Reuben from Coronation Street, what happened to him?

Before it was revealed that Harvey was actually engaged to Saskia Benson, he began to flirt with many women as soon as he arrived at Underworld.

Harvey left the Cobbles after this relationship quickly ended before coming back in June 2001 to take over his father’s business.

He then started dating Linda Baldwin, but things quickly became complicated because they were both married at the time.

Before he permanently left, Harvey was able to come to an agreement to save Underworld.

What other roles has Andrew Scarborough had?

Andrew Scarborough has appeared in Holby City, Doctors, and EastEnders, but his role as Tim Drewe in Downton Abbey is probably his most well-known role.

His role as Graham Foster in Emmerdale will be well-known to soap opera fans. He has also appeared in Hearts and Bones, The Bible, Hidden, and Bad Girls.

He performs in plays and other theater productions all over Europe and the West End.

What has become of Andrew Scarborough?
After serving as an Emmerdale cast member for two years, Andrew announced his departure with an emotional behind-the-scenes video.

He stated to his followers: “Thank you to the viewers for supporting the show; without them, it couldn’t exist, and Graham has received such wonderful feedback and support from the viewers.

“They didn’t initially seem to understand what he stands for; in fact, nobody does; I’m still not sure. However, people have bought into it, they have bought into the mystique and magic surrounding him, and it was somewhat unique.

“There is a lot of information about him, so I believe it’s better to leave while there is still some mystery. I just want to express my gratitude and I’m actually on the verge of tears.”

Later, in 2021, he played colonel Fielding in the movie The War Below.

Regarding his personal life, Andrew is a devoted husband to Brianna Keller.

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