When is the EastEnders flashback episode starring Jaime Winstone?

The Mitchells will be the focus of a special flashback episode of EastEnders, which the BBC has confirmed. Peggy, Phil, and the rest of the famous family will appear as younger versions of themselves in the late 1970s.

Since 1990, the family has played a significant role in the soap opera, but up until now, only the present has been used to tell their fascinating background.

We are aware that the first Mitchell patriarch Eric was a bully who left a lasting mark on Phil. Eric passed away off-screen before Peggy and her children arrived in Albert Square.

And Phil is likely to be the one to start this trip down memory lane as he contemplates his past in an effort to find solutions to his present issues.

But when will this eagerly awaited EastEnders episode air? Continue reading to learn everything you require so far.

When is the EastEnders flashback episode airing?

In September 2022, the EastEnders flashback episode will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

So, the youthful versions of our favorite Mitchells won’t be here for many more weeks!

You won’t want to miss any new information, so keep an eye on this page where we’ll update it as we learn it.

Who stars in EastEnders’ flashback episode?

In the BBC drama Babs, which was based on the life of the sadly missed icon, actress Jaime Winstone played Dame Barbara Windsor.

Winstone will now take on the role of a younger Peggy Mitchell, Windsor’s most well-known character.

Winstone recently remarked, “It’s been such an honor to step into Peggy Mitchell’s shoes for the first time, and into Barbara’s shoes for the second time.

“When you take on such a legendary job, there is unquestionably a decent amount of pressure, but I really enjoyed it. As I got to bookend my trip by playing Peggy Mitchell, performing this part has really solidified my love and appreciation for Barbara. I hope I’ve done her justice, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for everyone to see the episode.”

Grant, the youngest son of Peggy, will be portrayed by Teddy Jay, and Phil will be portrayed by Daniel Delaney. Henry Garrett plays a younger version of Evil Archie, while Rose Reynolds plays Glenda, Archie’s wife.

Previously unrevealed characters including Peggy’s spouse Eric (George Russo), Billy Mitchell’s older brother Charlie (Charlie Heptinstall), and Billy and Charlie’s father Stephen will also appear on screen (Dean Roberts).

Characters like the young Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, who were famously portrayed by Rita Simons and Samantha Womack, have yet to be cast, but we’ll continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

What is the EastEnders flashback episode about?

The episode will take place in 1979, when the nation was experiencing economic distress. While Phil is sent back in time to his boyhood to learn upsetting truths about his family, the Mitchells can be seen struggling to live. As DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) continues to hound Phil in the present, what he discovers might well change everything and give Phil the answer to a persistent problem.

Phil seeks to establish himself as the man of the house as Peggy works to maintain her family and her marriage to Eric. While their daughters get into trouble of their own, Archie and Glenda are also up to no good.

Does Phil have any helpful memories from those gloomy times? All you can do is wait and see.

“We’re happy to be welcoming an outstanding group of performers to set for this special flashback episode, featuring the beautiful Jaime Winstone as a young Peggy Mitchell,” hinted executive producer Chris Clenshaw.

Focusing on the Mitchell family, viewers will go on a thrilling journey to the East End of London in 1979 where they will explore the family’s background, meet characters from the show’s past who have never appeared on film before, and witness beloved and famous characters.

There are surprises, turns, and secrets disclosed because, as far as the Mitchells are concerned, disaster is never far away!

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