When is Faith Dingle leaving Emmerdale as co-stars saddened to see another one go

As Emmerdale begins its 50th anniversary festivities, a significant occasion is coming up in the coming months.

ITV executives have already stated that the show will feature some of the most dramatic plotlines in recent memory as a storm approaches the city.

It appears that history is repeating itself as one of the village residents was sadly killed off the last time this occurred.

A 22-year-long tale will come to an end when Faith Dingle is put in the firing line.

She was first presented in 2000, and until 2004 Gillian Jephcott played the role. In 2017, Sally Dexter took over as her role.

However, her time is running out, so here is a summary of all you need to know.

Faith Dingle will go from Emmerdale when?

In forthcoming scenes from October episodes of Emmerdale, Faith Dingle will be murdered off.

Although the precise date of her departure has not been made public, it will be a significant component of the eagerly awaited 50th anniversary celebrations.

“Everyone engaged in that tale is pulling out some of the most amazing performances I’ve seen in such a long time,” Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson stated.

Cain Dingle, Faith’s son, who is portrayed by actor Jeff Hordley, said: “I’m personally grieved by the loss of the magnificent Sally Dexter, but I look forward to it because it will provide us some amazing stories moving forward.

That is all I am aware of.

Sally Dexter is leaving Emmerdale, but why?

Although the precise cause of Sally’s departure is unknown, it appears that her character Faith will be affected by the dreadful storm that is a part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Multiple characters are anticipated to be in danger as a result of this devastating calamity, which will have an impact on the entire hamlet.

The narrative rhymes with Tricia Dingle’s passing in 2004, when a storm tore through the usually sleepy hamlet, giving the impression that it is poetry.

ITV chief Kate Brooks told Metro that the big 50th week will center on a powerful storm that will smash through the community and leave an enormous trail of devastation in its wake.

It’s safe to state that after this, literally, the village won’t be the same because some of our most beloved residents will be in danger. The hurricane has such a significant influence on people’s lives that nothing will ever be the same again.

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