When does Danny Dyer leave EastEnders – and what will he do next?

Danny Dyer was a perfect fit for EastEnders, but the cockney actor is going on to other projects after nine years as Mick Carter.

“There are two months remaining and I didn’t take this decision lightly,” Danny said in a statement to The Evening Standard. “I am still debating how we are going to finish, there are still conversations how I think it should happen, and what the powers that be think should happen.”

“I think I want to put a full stop on the job, but it may be that we never see Mick again. But it will be an incredible ending.

“These past ten years have been incredible; they make up a third of my career, but I’m ready to move on.”

The actor turns 45 today, but he isn’t slowing down; he has a number of new projects on the horizon, including a Netflix series.

When does Danny Dyer leave EastEnders?

By the time he quits, Danny will have spent ten years in Albert Square and more than 1,000 episodes of the soap opera.

Although his specific departure date has not been determined, his final storyline will be presented over the Christmas and New Year period.

Though the specifics of that plot have not yet been made public, they will begin to slowly emerge as the summer draws to a close.

Danny believes that this is the ideal time to conclude the series, therefore Mick’s days are numbered.

Danny Dyer is leaving EastEnders, but why?

After all this time, it appears that the actor simply decided it was time to move on and wanted to depart the program in style.

He described his departure as “big” and “likely to upset a few people” in an interview with The Sun.

“Even though I’ll miss everyone, I want to go out on top. I want to leave properly because I entered properly.

I wish I had more to say to you. You’ll discover more about our plans over the course of the next few months, but I can already tell you that they are significant. I want to leave on a note that will spark conversation.

“I think it’s going to shock a few people, but it’s something that needs to be discussed more openly.”

What does Danny Dyer have lined up after EastEnders?

The biggest development after Danny’s departure from EastEnders is the confirmation he signed a deal with Netflix for a new game show.

Ellie Taylor will also appear in the show, which is titled Cheat, and she stated that it “has everything I want in a quiz show: great questions, unashamed cheating, and Danny Dyer calling me ‘Treacle’ at least once per episode. I am so excited to begin!

Cheat is a revolutionary high-stakes quiz show where contestants can literally cheat their way to a fortune… as long as they don’t get caught, according to the synopsis.

“In every episode, four brave players compete in three rounds to avoid elimination and build a jackpot worth up to £50,000, putting their knowledge to the ultimate test.

But this new quiz show has a crucial twist—if you don’t know the answer, cheating is advantageous!

It is scheduled for early 2023 release and will only be available on Netflix.

Additionally, Human Traffic 2: Revolution, the much-anticipated sequel to Human Traffic, is in the works.

The movie has not received any recent updates, but writer and director Justin Kerrigan stated to Mixmag last year that “the time has come to make the film.” Everything is planned out and ready to go.

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