What happened to Lydia and Craig in Emmerdale?

BEN Addis made his Dales debut during last night’s trip to the eponymous ITV vill.

The Emmerdale freshman was introduced as Craig Reed and his on- screen alter pride shares a deep history with Lydia Dingle.

Who is Craig Reed and when did he show up in Emmerdale?

Addict favourite Lydia Dingle( played by Karen Blick) was in for a rude shock during Thursday’s( August 17, 2023) investiture of the ITV cleaner.

upset about her finances, particularly after Dan Spencer was doomed to eight times in captivity for the death of Lloyd Sawyer, leaving baby Esther to depend on her youthful mama Amelia, Lydia asked her master Kim Tate for further hours.

Unfortunately, Kim refused and when a job fair took place in the vill, Lydia jumped on the occasion to find herself another source of income.

While there, Lydia banged into a face she presumably noway anticipated to see again- Craig Reed.

While brassbound suckers of the Yorkshire- grounded drama may know who Craig is, the new character was revealed to be an old friend of Lydia Dingle from her time spent in a children’s home.

Craig reconnected with Lydia for the first time in 33 times and the brace seized a coffee together at the fair.

observers may have been just as surprised as Lydia to see actor Ben Addis join the cleaner’s line- up.

Ben has been known for his multitudinous appearances on the small screen.

He specially played Doctor Parker from 2019 to 2021 on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks and his acting credits also include DT Ian Quayle in Maryland, Peter Creed in The Girl Before, David Gilloway in Vera and Bob Chilcott in Doctor Who.

What happened between Craig Reed and Lydia Dingle in Emmerdale?

What happed between Craig Reed and Lydia Dingle in Emmerdale?
With Craig showing up in Emmerdale, heads could be teasing a huge plot ahead for Lydia Dingle.

Although Craig has made his first appearance on our defenses on Thursday, he was originally mentioned way back in 2019 when Lydia’s woeful backstory was eventually revealed.

Everything began when the remains of a baby were set up at the original academy as structure work was taking place.

Headteacher Jessie Dingle blazoned the unsettling news to the community during a police press conference but examinations snappily determined that the baby’s mama was a woman called Jenny Finn.

Hotten’s forgotten history was brought back to the face as a result as the academy used to be the position for Hotten Grange children’s home, where the mysterious Jenny formerly lived before evaporating in November 1990 at the age of 16.

A snap ultimately verified that Jenny was in fact Lydia Dingle herself and the cherished townie ‘s secret eventually came to light.

Lydia explained that she fell pregnant during her time at the children’s home, where she was transferred by her oppressively ill mama .

At the time, Lydia was known as Jenny and kept her gestation a secret.

The youthful Jenny gave birth in the toilets of the children’s home and was devastated when the baby was stillborn.

Jenny criticized herself for the birth and, feeling unfit to entrust in anybody, she wrapped up her baby son, laying him to rest in near forestland.

The teen ran down to start anew, choosing Scarborough for her new life, and moved into a bedsit where she met a girl called Lydia Hart.

Lydia Hart passed away during her stay, egging Jenny to take her identity, her bag and birth instrument.

Jenny- or, at this point, Lydia- commended in her also- swain Sam Dingle about her history and first mentioned Craig Reed as the father of her stillborn son, which she named Toby.

She revealed that Craig had been her classmate in mathematics and the brace came close musketeers during their time at the children’s home before ultimately dating.

Spoilers have verified that Craig will come a more prominent character in forthcoming occurrences of the long- handling show as Lydia will accept a job offer from him.

But could this put her marriage with Sam in jeopardy?

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