Wendy Posner attacked by furious Cathy Hope in Emmerdale

CATHY Hope took a break from the Dales since the symptoms of her PMDD were making her life increasingly difficult.

However, the teenager played by Gabrielle Dowling immediately confronts Wendy Posner after returning to Emmerdale.

Recently, Cathy Hope has been dealing with violent mood swings and has even wounded her father Bob Hope during an uncontrollable rage.

This caused her to attempt to flee, but after being returned home, she felt it would be best for her to take a vacation from her routine in Yorkshire.

The schoolgirl may have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), according to village GP Manpreet Sharma, who had a suspicion before she left. However, no official diagnosis had been made.

However, there is relief for everyone in scenes that will appear on ITV the following week after Cathy receives a formal PMDD diagnosis.

Bob (played by Tony Audenshaw) is sympathetic to Cathy’s illness, but she feels let down and desperate when her treatment focuses more on managing her symptoms than finding a permanent cure.

Back at the B&B, Cathy, who is anxious and agitated, surprises Bob by adamantly asserting that she wants to find a treatment to stop her PMDD symptoms.

Cathy remains steadfast in her goal to get rid of her PMDD despite Bob, Wendy, and Bernice’s best attempts.

In a later heated exchange, Cathy just misses Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) when she throws a garden item through a B&B window.

Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson), who tries to step in, is shoved to the ground by Cathy after she snaps at her.

Bob rushes to aid, but he feels a stab in his chest. Could this be a heart attack?

Cathy is concerned when Manpreet checks on Bob and sees her father struggling, but Wendy encourages her to leave him.

Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) finds Cathy at the Bandstand with her hand bleeding after she runs off bleeding from a cut.

Reluctantly allowing him to examine it, she expresses gratitude to Liam for promising to pay attention to her.

Will that cause Liam trouble, though, as Cathy quickly draws conclusions?

What will Wendy do when the teen attacked her?

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