Waterloo Road and Heartbeat star cast in Coronation Street

According to rumors, Vanessa Hehir, a former Waterloo Road star, has been cast in Coronation Street as one of Billy’s parishioners.

Vanessa, who portrayed Sue Lowsley in the BBC series, will be making her cobblestone debut.

She will reportedly appear on our screens “for a while” and be involved in a plot involving Billy.

Waterloo Road star Vanessa Hehir to join Coronation Street

Sue Lowsley was portrayed by Vaneesa Hehir in Waterloo Road.

She participated in the acclaimed BBC school drama’s ninth and tenth seasons.

In the program, Sue was a science instructor who ultimately had to leave from her position as a result of having an affair.

She was married to Simon Lowsley but had an affair with Hector Reid, a fellow teacher and his best friend.

Vanessa played nurse Summers in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale from 2010 to 2011.

Vanessa has gone on to play parts in shows like Doctors, Hollyoaks, Midsomer Murders, and The Dumping Ground since leaving Waterloo Road.

In Heartbeat, she played the role of Rosie Cartwright, which made her famous.

With her impending appearance in Coronation Street, she will apparently be expanding the list by one more well-known program.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Sun, Vanessa will portray one of Billy’s parishioners and “she’ll be onscreen for a long now.”

Coronation Street representatives have been approached by Entertainment Daily for comment.

Vanessa’s husband has also been in Coronation Street

It’s interesting to note that Vanessa is actually married to Leon Ockenden, who played Hector Reid in the film Waterloo Road.

Leon has previously been on Coronation Street, when he played Will Chatterton, Michelle Connor’s ex-boyfriend.

Will and Michelle had been dating while they were young, and he later re-entered her life to ask for assistance in planning his wedding.

Michelle began an affair with Will when her husband Steve was gone.

While Will ended his engagement to Michelle in order to be with her, Michelle had second thoughts.

She chose to remain with Steve.

In the end, Steve learned about the affair and broke up with Michelle; however, this was primarily because he had caused Leanne to become pregnant.

But the following year, Will came back again and developed an obsession with his ex.

He began pursuing her, but Michelle quickly grew uneasy and urged Leanne to watch out for him.

Leanne attempted to break into his home but was stopped and knocked to the ground.

Leon’s final scenes in the soap opera were after a confrontation between Will and Michelle, when Will was ultimately imprisoned for stalking Michelle.

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