Victoria to be confronted by familiar face as Emmerdale fans predict surprise return

Fans of the long-running ITV soap opera Emmerdale anticipate that a renowned character will return to the community for the 50th anniversary to take Victoria Sugden’s farmland.

Fans have been following the brunette beauty’s recent internal struggle over whether or not she should sell the family farm and use the proceeds to help her lover David Metcalfe get out of his dire financial situation.

Back in October 2020, the chef looked over the deeds, which at the time were being utilized by Moira Barton, and realized that she was the rightful owner of the land after her late grandmother Annie Sugden bequeathed it to her in her inheritance.

However, spectators are persuaded that the diva will have to fight to maintain her land once more as the anniversary for the Yorkshire-based soap creeps increasingly closer as they worry that a legendary character would steal it from her.

Since his departure from the program six years ago and the fact that his daughter Sarah Sugden is still a resident of the hamlet, Victoria’s older brother Andy Sugden has been addressed on Emmerdale a few times.

The TV star was expelled from the community after he dodged arrest when Rober’s fiancée Chrissie White accused him of trying to kill her father Lawrence White in 2016.

The actual killer was Lachlan White, a notorious member of the community, who killed the victim in an effort to get her son out of jail.

But now that he has been absent from the soap opera for more than five years, viewers think he will eventually be returning because they think he will do so in order to clear his record and claim the land that is rightfully his.

In the anniversary episodes, a former character—one we haven’t seen in years—is likely to appear and claim ownership of Victoria’s land, according to a user’s prediction.

It comes after spectators were forced to witness the “cringeworthy” encounter between David and Victoria on the farm while hiding behind a cushion.

Up until recently, the store owner’s devoted fiancée was blissfully oblivious of his major financial issues, putting his firm at risk of failure and making it impossible for him to pay child support for his daughter, Amber.

Then, following a sudden collision in his van with his next-door neighbor Nicola King, David made the decision to falsely claim he had whiplash in order to receive compensation from the government and get his financial problems under control.

Dreams aren’t real, but what we have is, and if my grandmother were here, she’d advise me to do what makes me happy, and so would my dad, Victoria revealed as he met her on the hill of her farm.

David was taken aback by her offer and questioned, “Would you honestly give up all of this for me?” She immediately said, “For us, but going forward, if we have an issue [then] we share it.”

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