Tributes pour in from family and friends of ‘inspiring’ Emmerdale actor Sam Gannon

Sam Gannon, an Emmerdale actor, passed away suddenly at the age of 31. His devastated family, friends, and coworkers have expressed homage.

He passed away on Tuesday, August 2, while staying with family in California, according to his sister Amy Kelly, who verified the tragic news. Those who knew and loved Sam, who grew up in Brayton, have characterized him as giving and kind.

Many others mentioned the wonderful influence the former Brayton High School student has had on their life and the lasting impression he has left on the world in their heartfelt tributes to him.

Sam’s acting credits with the Northumberland Theatre Company include Rumpelstiltskin, 4Thoughts, and The Snow Queen, and the company expressed their “great sadness” upon learning of his loss.

Sam “delighted listeners with his charisma, humour, and excellent musical ability,” according to a Facebook statement.

The citation reads: “Sam was compared by many to a human Duracell bunny because of his boundless energy, propensity for sprinting around the rehearsal space, and almost overwhelming number of original ideas.

“Sam was, in a word, unpredictable at times! But once you got him on that platform, he was always spectacular.

“He has also been called a fantastic person, a terrific friend to many, and a genuinely charming young man.

Sam, you will be sorely missed by all of us. All our love, Louis and the NTC Team, safe travels, and rest well, my buddy.”

In 2019, Sam co-starred onscreen alongside Emma Atkins as the horse-drawn carriage coachman Kev in two episodes of the ITV serial opera.

Sam’s acting classmates have expressed their sympathies to his family and shared touching tales.

“I had the honor of knowing and training with Sam as a teenager, he was incredibly exceptional,” commented Alex Papachristou. A generous, clever, extremely foolish, so humorous, and so lovely person being who was an inspiration to be around as an actor and human being!

I have always admired the fact that he lived his life doing what he loved! Sam, thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories of our time performing on stage at the Harman Academy! My deepest sympathies go out to his entire family.

Sam Gannon, a fantastic young actor, left us unexpectedly and much too soon, according to Mandy Newby. I enjoyed my summer with him and the rest of the cast of The Importance of Being Earnest, Theatre Mill’s inaugural performance.

Sam had a nasty, rascally sense of humor and was a ball of energy. But he also knew how to be a nice, compassionate, and courteous person to myself and other “older” cast members. Sam made his stamp on the world in the far too brief time he was in it, according to the posts I’ve read from all of his friends and coworkers over the past two days.

Sam’s classmate at the Harman Academy Stage School, Ricky Freeman, remarked: “Sam Gannon, RIP. a gifted performer who serves as a model for many.”

Sam helped Pete Williamson, a friend and coworker, “become who I am as a performer,” according to Pete. In honor of him, he wrote: “To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement.

“My wonderful friend, this cheerful, friendly, considerate, enjoyable, and vivacious bundle of mayhem, regrettably passed away today. This man is so deserving of my gratitude.

“For the entirety of my acting career, he has been among my closest pals. He gave me inspiration, encouragement, support, and helped me develop into the performer I am today from the very beginning. He was always the room’s most dazzling personality.”

He continued, “He always made everyone around him laugh, smile, and feel happy. Even at his darkest moments, he was a pillar of light and love.

I find it hard to accept he’s gone. He and I just spoke yesterday. only a few hours earlier. You will be missed, Sam. I hope you are aware of how much I adore you. Buddy, take it easy.

Police are currently looking into Sam’s death, although they are not treating it as suspicious. To bring him home to be buried, a fundraiser has been started with a $17,000 goal.

Donations have totaled more than £6,000 thus far. You can donate right here if you want to.

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