Tipping Point Lucky Stars fans bewildered as they spot Coronation Street character

On Sunday night, when a well-liked Coronation Street character made a startling appearance on the game show, Tipping Point viewers were perplexed.

Ben Shephard hosted Tipping Point: Lucky Stars on August 7; the program was a rebroadcast from 2020. He welcomed a plethora of celebrities to their podiums in an effort to win a reward fund for charity.

Actors Janine Duvitski, Jake Canuso, and Tony Maudsley competed in the Benidorm-themed special for their respective charities in an effort to win the grand prize.

Fans were initially preoccupied with Tony, the actor who played Kenneth Du Beke in the popular Spanish television series Benidorm, rather than the actual game.

Fans who recognized Tony from his most recent acting role were eager to inform out that he is currently best known for his role as a Coronation Street actor and is no longer a Benidorm star.

“George from Coronation Street is there, I see. #TippingPoint, “a spectator remarked.

“#TippingPoint Tony strikes me as being really sweet. visualize him practicing for Corrie, “wrote yet another.

In 2020, Tony, 54, re-joined the Coronation Street ensemble as George Shuttleworth, a funeral director and undertaker.

He made his acting debut in the popular soap opera in 1991 and 1992, appearing in two episodes of the Rovers Return as a drinker and one episode as a young boy named Bailey.

In another segment of the program, Janine made a significant Meghan Markle error that completely astounded host Ben.

Which parent of the Royal Family had the names Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, Ben queried the group.

Tony provided the proper response, which was Meghan, but Janine was slow to act even though she knew the answer.

Tony answered the question correctly, and Janine sighed as Ben timed it.

He instructed the candidate, “Janine, you’ve got to react faster,” and she responded, “I know.”

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