Thrilled Emmerdale viewers make plea as Danny Miller as Aaron returns – but Liv attacked amid exit rumours

In the midst of a dramatic storyline for Liv, delighted Emmerdale viewers rejoiced at Danny Miller’s character Aaron’s return. In tonight’s episode, Terry attacked her, knocked her unconscious, and put her in a hospital coma.

Fans were happy to see Aaron, Liv’s half-brother, return, though, before Liv was transported to the hospital. Aaron came while Terry was still at Liv’s house. Aaron went to the hospital with Liv after the police had dealt with Terry, when he and Vinny learned that Liv was unconscious.

Aaron was devastated and broke down in tears, fearing that his sister might never wake up.

Fans were happy to see him return, but they couldn’t help but note that it didn’t take him long to start acting out.


Cathy remarked: “Oh for goodness’ sake, the show has had Aaron crying for 10 minutes now. Please give the character a rest. But it’s nice to have him here “. RT @voiceofreasonEF: “After just five minutes, Aaron has started crying. These authors really need to be kind to this character.”

“FIRST DAY BACK AND AARON’S ALREADY BROKEN F*K!” wrote @ballumshouse. RT @ironopolis: “He began where he ended. fck crying”

Also from @charliebovz: “Has there ever been a time when Aaron doesn’t cry? Two minutes after returning, he had already started.”

However, not everyone cared about Aaron’s feelings; instead, many viewers were simply happy that he was returning to the program. RT @workerbevans: “Aaron should remain in Emmerdale, please. He is sorely missed.”

Absolutely love Aaron coming back, Danny Miller, you’re amazing, tweeted @corriedalexo. Oh, it’s wonderful to see Aaron back in #emmerdale, commented @charlotte k13.

“Great to see Aaron return tonight in Emmerdale,” commented @michaela jayne1. Also from @carolinetuckley: “Aaron is happy to be crying again. You just want to hug him because of him “.

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