These disgusting comments from Coronation Street fans about Amy do not belong in 2023

Since her pal Aaron, who also happened to be Amy’s closest friend Summer’s on-and-off boyfriend, sexually assaulted her, Amy on Coronation Street has been suffering.

However, some Corrie viewers have made horrible comments suggesting that the terrified girl is to fault for her predicament.

Reading such comments is truly startling since they represent a point of view that is egregiously out of date with contemporary society.

Amy Barlow’s ordeal in Coronation Street

A few weeks earlier, Aaron and Amy shared a kiss while they were both intoxicated. When Amy fell asleep on her bed and pushed Aaron away, Aaron didn’t stop.

Amy was shocked when she realized the following day that because she had fallen asleep, she had not given her consent, which meant Aaron had sexually assaulted her.

But when she told Tracy, her mother, word spread. Amy admitted to everyone that she was mistaken when she saw Tracy determined to hold Aaron accountable and the talking neighbors. She claimed she was misinformed that Aaron did not rape her.

Now, Amy’s situation seems hopeless. She’s having a terrible time, struggling in school, and experiencing panic attacks.

Taking a darker turn

Aaron is attempting to move on from the incident while maintaining his innocence and reestablishing contact with his father.

Even though it obviously failed, he tried to purchase Amy’s forgiveness by offering to buy her a laptop.

The next week, when Amy warns Mia, Aaron’s new girlfriend, that he’s trouble, and then writes a blog post about him, things take a new turn.

Furious Aaron declares he will file a libel lawsuit against Amy.

Who’s to blame?

It would seem obvious who is at fault in this situation. Yes, Amy has acted somewhat impulsively since the incident. Aaron did, in fact, commit the crime, it is still a reality. He raped Amy after she pulled him away and fell unconscious.

Corrie fans have been active on the Entertainment Daily Facebook page, posting their thoughts on the subject. And to be completely honest, some of those comments have shocked me.

She bore just as much of the blame as he did. Don’t get so numb that you can’t think clearly, one said.

One more misinformed viewer commented: “Amy was just as much to blame that night.”

Unbelievably, a lot of other people concurred. They were “both at fault,” according to one, while another claimed it was “a little unfair” for Aaron to bear the responsibility.

Additionally, some viewers claimed that Amy made the error in filthy remarks more appropriate for the 1970s than the twenty-first century.

One said, “Amy needs to shoulder some responsibility.”

Yet another perplexing comment stated, “She led him on.” It was “such a tease.”

Amy “put it on a plate” for Aaron, according to someone else.

Shocking stuff

It’s unsettling to read such antiquated views in a time when rape conviction rates are embarrassingly low and women’s safety – or lack thereof – is in the news much too frequently.

In such a case, the rapist is the only one at fault. Aaron is to blame.

As one observer put it: “Drunk or not, Amy did NOT consent.”

Let’s hope that more people’s perceptions of rape are altered as this plot unfolds on film. Because it appears that some viewers may use some education when it comes to consent.

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