The Emmerdale star in The Hunt for Raoul Moat drama and where you have seen him before

ITV will screen a three-part true crime drama tonight, April 16, that tells the tale of Britain’s biggest manhunt.

Tonight, 13 years after going to Birtley to shoot his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and her new boyfriend Christopher Brown, The Hunt for Raoul Moat will appear on ITV. Additionally, Moat shot PC David Rathband with a gun, blinding him. The shootings led to a six-day manhunt.

When Moat killed three people in less than a day in July 2010 and then went on the run for a week with the help of 160 armed officers, it made headlines throughout the world. The events of those days will be followed in the true crime drama.

Actor Matt Stokoe, a native of Durham and a resident of the North East, will play Raoul Moat. Dale Meeks, who now stars in Emmerdale, will also appear in the Raoul Moat documentary as Rory Sutcliffe, one of Moat’s buddies.

Dale Meeks, who is he?

Dale Meeks, a Geordie actor who was born in 1975, won ITV’s Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes competition with Mark Charnock as the Blues Brothers. He is best known for his role as Simon Meredith in Emmerdale.

Meeks has also played Hips in the BBC series Breezeblock and appeared in Byker Grove for five seasons as the leader of a gang from the opposing youth club Denton Burn.

He also performed in the West End production of Love Never Dies and toured the UK with the musical Chicago. In addition, he will play Panda in the future season of George Gently.

On November 20, 2003, the 47-year-old actor made his debut in Emmerdale as Simon Meredith. He was initially only supposed to perform in the town for three months, but because of how well-liked he was, his contract was eventually extended by twelve months.

Inadvertently setting up Nicola Blackstock for a date after arriving in the area to deliver fish to Cafe Hope, Simon fell in love and proposed, but their engagement fell apart when Nicola ran their business into the ground.

He ultimately decides to leave the community in August 2006 because he is unhappy with living there.

In the British teen drama and coming-of-age television series Byker Grove, which ran between 1989 and 2006 as part of CBBC on BBC One, he also had the role of the head of a gang from the rival youth club Denton Burn.

Aimed at older teenagers and young adults, the series was set and shot in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, and it dealt with serious and occasionally contentious subjects. The program is noteworthy for featuring the first openly gay kiss on kid-friendly television.

ITV1 will broadcast The Hunt for Raoul Moat on April 16, 17, and 18. Then, on April 19, a follow-up documentary about the manhunt is planned.

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