The EastEnders star who starred alongside Will Smith in a $1 billion Disney film

The EastEnders star who starred alongside Will Smith in a $1 billion Disney film

The EastEnders star who starred alongside

Almost every major British actor has worked on the set of EastEnders at some point during their career.

However, after leaving the famous drama, the legacy of EastEnders stars is a mixed bag; there are those who go on to have long and fruitful careers on our screens, and there are those who we never hear from again.

Others go on to star alongside Hollywood legends like Will Smith in blockbuster films that smash box office records. That only applies to one person, right?

Nina Wadia OBE, best known as Zainab Khan on EastEnders, starred in one of the most famous films of all time.

She landed the part of Zulla in the live-action remake of Aladdin in 2019. Guy Richie directed the fantasy adventure, which starred Will Smith as Genie, Mena Massoud as Aladdin, and fellow Brit Naomi Grace Scott as Princess Jasmine.

According to Wikipedia, the film grossed $1.051 billion, making it 2019’s ninth highest-grossing film.

To some, ninth place might not seem particularly impressive, but when you remember that 2019 also saw the release of Frozen II, Avengers: End Game, and The Lion King, it becomes apparent just how remarkable this achievement is.

Nina Wadia landed the role on Aladdin after a last-minute casting call, and although she describes it as “more of a cameo,” EastEnders fans will know that Nina steals the show whenever she appears on screen.

She gained a reputation as the fierce matriarch of the Masood family during her tenure on Albert Square as Zainab Masood, and she didn’t back down from a confrontation with anyone, including resident Walford bad boy Phil Mitchell.

Nina Wadia has starred in a variety of shows since leaving EastEnders in 2013, including Death in Paradise, Holby City, and Trollied, among others.

The EastEnders star who starred alongside

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