The Chase’s Bradley Walsh slams Emmerdale star for snubbing ITV show ‘rule’

On a soap-heavy episode of The Chase: Celebrity special, Emmerdale star Louisa Clein was required to be corrected by Bradley Walsh.

On Sunday night, July 31, the witty host brought four adored soap opera stars to the game show for a special celebrity edition of The Chase, a rerun episode.

Louisa Clein, Anthony Quinlan, Dominic Brunt, and James Moore, all cast members of Emmerdale, were among the four celebrities aiming to win money for charity.

Louisa, who portrays Maya Stepney in the ITV serial, was obviously not Bradley’s favorite.

The whole thing began when the actress made an attempt to defend how she chose the response to one of Bradley’s questions, but her strategy was somewhat unconventional and Bradley believed she wasn’t following the rules.

It was Louisa’s time after Anthony tried his luck with the chaser, and she was performing fantastically until Bradders questioned her about how she chose an answer.

How many elements were in the initial periodic table created in 1869, it was asked?

The available responses were 43, 63, and 83.

Louisa quickly pressed the button and chose option B, which was 63.

Following his exclamation that the question was “simple,” Bradley then questioned Louisa, “Why did you pick that?”

She replied candidly, “Because it was in the middle,” after that.

That’s not how it works, the popular broadcaster chided the soap opera star.

Louisa ultimately answered the question correctly, moving on to the next round.

After obtaining £6,000, which she combined with Anthony’s $5,000, she ultimately returned to her coworkers.

Tom quickly joined his friends and added a healthy £5,000, bringing their combined total to £16,000.

This episode of the well-known gameshow debuted in September 2020 and was rerun earlier this year.

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