The Chase viewers baffled as Anne Hegerty makes basic Coronation Street blunder

Yesterday’s episode of The Chase left viewers perplexed when Anne Hegerty made a simple Coronation Street error.

Many people ridiculed the Governess for her perplexing mistake on Twitter.

What happened on The Chase last night?

Four more candidates battled the Chaser in yesterday’s episode of The Chase in an effort to score big.

The competitors from last night were Dee, Owen, Lorraine, and Andrew.

Dee went first. In the cash builder round, she amassed £7,000. She continued to flee from Anne after that, securing a spot in the Final Chase.

Next was Owen. He took out a cash builder and received £4,000. He too avoided Anne with success.

Lorraine was placed third. She amassed an astounding £10k in the cash builder, but Anne swiftly caught up to her due to a string of mistakes.

Andrew was the last to challenge Anne. He completed the cash builder with seven correct answers and avoided Anne, joining Owen and Dee in the Final Chase.

Anne Hegerty’s blunder on The Chase

With £18,000 on the line, Andrew, Owen, and Dee were able to distance themselves from Anne by 18 points.

The embarrassing error that Anne made occurred during the Final Chase.

What BBC soap opera stars Suki Panesar? Brad Walsh enquired.

Coronation Street, said Anne. Bradley then halted time so that the competitors could push Anne back.

Anne rolled her eyes when he asked the same question again once she realized her error.

Anne was moved back a step after the participants correctly identified the answer as EastEnders.

Before the clock began again, Anne said to herself, “Listen to the question.”

With eight seconds left, Anne finally caught up to the competitors despite being pushed back.

Then Bradley informed the competitors that it had been much closer than they had anticipated.

This is one of the best teams I’ve played against recently, according to Anne. “Really good head-to-heads, very decent cash builders.”

Viewers mock Anne

The Chaser was made fun of on Twitter as viewers of the show quickly saw Anne’s error.

“Corrie is a BBC soap. “WTF, Anne? a viewer commented.

Another person chimed up, “Oh, yes, Coronation Street, that famous BBC show.”

A third responded, “@ITVthegovernesssince when was @itvcorrie on BBC.”

That popular BBC soap opera, Coronation Street! One more joked.

Following last night’s broadcast, Anne commented briefly on her own performance on Twitter.

“In honesty, I didn’t actually play that well,” Anne said in a tweet she sent to her 161.6k followers.

Despite the fact that she answered 18 of the questions correctly and caught the competitors with eight seconds to spare, this is the case. Maybe she’s putting too much pressure on herself.

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