The 14 Emmerdale characters who need to return to the ITV soap – from Jack Sugden to Tina Dingle

With Emmerdale celebrating its 50th anniversary with several significant plots and shocking exits while serial villain Meena Jutla, portrayed by Paige Sandhu, finally had her just desserts, there is no doubt that 2022 will live long in the memory.

Moreover, 2023 appears to have even more potential when soap boss Jane Hudson hinted at a tumultuous year in the Dale and possibly the potential reappearance of some former characters.

“We have the Charity and Mackenzie wedding on the books, which will happen next year,” Jane said. We all understand that weddings are rarely perfect. I believe you can fit the puzzle together that Chloe’s child will be born around the time of the wedding. It will be explosive for Mackenzie and Charity.

With Jane informing followers that the crew is presently coming up with ideas for that period, the summer sounds like it will be quite hectic in the hamlet. I’m currently storyboarding June, so my mind is there, Jane stated.

We are now working on summer storylines since I always like to have a little bit of a summer spectacular, so if I say that I have to come up with something now, I couldn’t tell you anything anyway.

It was impossible to interview the Emmerdale executive without bringing up the possibility of previous favorites returning. She said, “I can’t tell you because I’m still checking,” with a hint of coyness.

I recently got an idea and thought, “Ahhhhh, our viewers would love that.” We are writing June tales.

Daisy Alice McAuliffe expressed her want to see Tina Dingle, perhaps with a few children in tow, Helen Byrne expressed her desire to see Aaron Livesey come back, and Benjamin Cain urged the return of Sam Skilbeck, Matt and Dolly’s son.

Jack Sugden, Alan Turner, Mr. Wilkes, Amos Brearley, Pope John Paul II with his popemobile, and Fanny Craddock, Engelbert Dinkerhump retorted. “I would want to see Alice Bates return,” Mandy Michaels stated.

There have been numerous requests for the return of Danny Miller, who played the character of Aaron Dingle. Stephen Bibby expressed his desire for Robert Sugden, Tina Dingle, and Aaron Dingle to return to Emmerdale.

In reply, Tina Rotko said: “Would want to see Andy Sugden return,” Diana Lovegrove concurred, “Aaron and Andy,” and Ann Wilson added, “Graham Foster,” which she thought was an interesting thought. He is content at home, so I know it won’t happen. Sam to build new pig pen with Andy Sugden’s assistance, and Meena to remove undesirable characters.”

Yvonne Gibson noted that she wasn’t the only one who would welcome the return of deadly Meena: “Meena!! For once, a good actress!!” “I’d really like Alicia to return,” remarked Emma Wilkinson-Mackenzie, “as well as Nikhil, Jais’ brother.”

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