You are currently viewing Neighbours spoilers: Terese devastated by shock exit

Neighbours spoilers: Terese devastated by shock exit

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Jesse (Cameron Robbie) had grown too close recently. The distance is just right. She’s started to think of him as a substitute son, which has brought back all of the hurt from the death of Josh.

The two of them had uncovered a spy in their midst, Jesse, who was giving their hotelier rivals information. They found out that Jesse was the son of Julie Quill, the woman who set off the Lassiters bomb that killed her son Josh years before. Things got much worse from there.

Terese has taken Jesse under her wing ever since. They’ve gotten closer and closer, to the point that Terese accidentally referred to him as Josh. Slowly, it’s becoming evident that she’s become too devoted to Jesse.

This is all a prelude to Terese’s ultimate goal: to visit Julie, the woman who murdered her son. The only reason Paul tries to stop her is because he is afraid that Terese will raise concerns about the unsuccessful investment (and therefore expose his dishonesty).
While Paul confesses his other misdeeds to David because he needs someone to help him safeguard his falsehoods, and David comes up with a strategy to save his family, Terese makes her way to the prison. She’s terrified to face Julie again because she’s the one who took her family away from her.

With nowhere to hide, the two women are forced to face the truth about the hotel explosion. Terese finally gets to speak what she’s been thinking about since Josh’s death and feels relieved. She does, however, take note of the fact that Jesse failed to show up as planned.

She searches for Jesse after being released from prison, only to discover he’s resigned. He’s abruptly made the decision to depart and travel to Sydney, Australia. Terese is devastated and baffled as to why he would abandon her after they’d grown so close.

She turns to David to get something off her chest, but she has no idea he is hiding something – he is the real reason Jesse is leaving town, and it’s all to prevent Paul from finding out the truth and ruining their family. What will a befuddled Terese learn?

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