‘Stupid and embarrassed’ Corrie star loses ‘tens of thousands’ in horror bank scam

Actor Adam Rickitt of Coronation Street and Hollyoaks lost tens of thousands of pounds as a result of a sophisticated telephone banking scam. Adam, who is married to Katy Rickitt of Good Morning Britain, acknowledged feeling like a “total stupid.”

So, he said, “I need to admit something that is going to make me feel really dumb and embarrassed.”

I’m sure everyone will call me a schmeichel, but fingers crossed it means it won’t happen to someone else, so here it is.

“I should probably admit up front that I’m not the brightest button in the bunch, but I still think of myself as rather clever. However, I was totally duped.

Adam, who formerly played Nick Tilsley on Corrie, claimed that he received a call from a number that, upon further investigation, appeared to be the one for the Barclays fraud team.

He was instructed to make a “dummy payment” after they informed him that they had discovered unusual activity on his account that they considered to be an inside job.

They argued that while the transfer would result in another call from the fraud team, the money would not actually leave his account.

Additionally, the con artists informed Adam that someone had gone to the Barclays branch in Crewe using his credentials but was not properly authenticated.

Adam was provided the names of Barclays employees, and when he looked them up on LinkedIn, he discovered that they actually did work there.

Adam was appalled to discover that “tens of thousands of pounds” had actually been taken when he examined his bank information after the “dummy payment” despite the assurances to the contrary.

“I feel stupid, I tell you. It’s a major embarrassment. Looking my wife in the eye is difficult, he acknowledged.

“It’s difficult to feel like a total stupid,”

However, Adam was still persuaded he was acting morally because the skilled con artists had access to all of his information, including his bank balance, and the numbers and staff members’ identities all matched.

Adam added, “I know a lot of you are probably laughing at me now. I know the crime that was perpetrated against me. I simply hope that by doing this, no one else is taken advantage of.

Adam’s admission that he’s unsure he’ll ever be able to get his money back was even more upsetting.

He admitted, “I really screwed up.”

However, Katy assured him that he wasn’t an idiot in her response on the video.

“This is NOT your fault, and you can always look me in the eye. I hope this prevents someone from experiencing the awful tension and anxiety. She wrote, “Love you x.”

“Hi Adam, I’m so sorry this has occurred to you,” read a tweet from the official Barclays account. It’s critical that people remain informed about current frauds since con artists are getting better at deceiving people.

Have you previously spoken with us so that we can help you and look into what happened?

Thank you, folks. Yes, it’s with the fraud team (the real one, hopefully this time!). I appreciate you getting back to me, Adam said.

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