Stu Carpenter gets huge payout after prison ordeal in Coronation Street

When Stu Carpenter was detained for the death of his old boyfriend Charlie Walters, viewers were shocked.

After several tumultuous weeks, he was finally found to be innocent, and the Coronation Street cook now learns he is entitled to a substantial payout.

Fans of the Manchester-based drama will recall how Stu Carpenter ended up in jail and went through a lot of hardship after his boyfriend Charlie Walters’s death became widely reported.

Bill Fellows’ character, the Speed Daal chef, was detained, accused of the crime, and lost all of the support he had gained in Weatherfield.

However, his daughter Bridget quickly acknowledged that she was to responsible and that her mother, Lucy, had assisted her in making excuses.

Eliza, his grandchild, had to be taken in as her own mother served her time after Stu was released from prison and given permission to move on with his life.

Months after the incident, Stu is stunned to learn on ITV that he will receive about £200K in compensation.

He is shocked to learn that Eliza is being teased at school because her mother was incarcerated, so not everything is happy for him.

When Stu returns from holding a meeting at the school, he informs Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) that the Head of the school believes Eliza would be happier in a different setting.

Yasmeen concurs and believes Eliza’s problems may be resolved with a new beginning.

The formerly homeless guy explains that he has scheduled an interview at Oakhill, but his granddaughter acknowledges that she is not thrilled about the prospect.

Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) answers Eliza’s question about Weatherfield High, and Stu concedes that he should give it some thought and offers to call the institution.

Will Eliza locate the best institution for her?

Can she and Stu ever get beyond the drama Bridget and Lucy caused?

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