Stu Carpenter arrested as granddaughter Eliza rushed to hospital in Coronation Street

After her mother was incarcerated, ELIZA Woodrow moved in with her grandfather, Stu Carpenter.

As the once homeless man is arrested once more the following week on Coronation Street, history may repeat itself.

After her mother Bridget was imprisoned for murder, the young Eliza (played by Savannah Kunyo) tried to get in touch with her biological father Dom (Darren Morfitt).

Dom has been Eliza’s absent father for the majority of her life, making her grandfather Stu (Bill Fellows) the ideal caretaker.

It has been difficult for the Speed Daal cook to see Eliza get close to Dom because doing so would mean she moves away from the cobbles to live with him.

When Dom doesn’t show up for Eliza’s subsequent rendezvous, though, leaving her distraught once more, Stu immediately offers that they take a drive to see Bridget.

Heartbroken Eliza shows no interest, which makes Stu angry and point out that if her father really cared for her, he wouldn’t always let her down.

Eliza rushes across the road in a fit of rage and is struck by a car.

Stu rushes to Eliza, who is clutching her arm, as the car accelerates away.

In the hospital, Dom is summoned by Stu and shows up with a big teddy bear in an effort to win Eliza’s forgiveness.

Eliza’s request to go breaks the previously homeless man’s spirit as Stu and Dom trade insults.

Eliza will ultimately realize her father for who he really is, Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) assures him, and when that happens, he’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

But when Eliza says she wants to move in with her dad, Stu is devastated, and Dom tries to hide his surprise.

How is Dom going to react?

Whatever happens, when Stu gets a call from the school later, things are likely to swiftly get out of hand.

When he learns that Eliza did not arrive this morning, he becomes extremely worried because he thought she had left early.

When Stu shows up at Dom’s home, he accuses him of taking Eliza during the night.

Eliza claims that she fled alone and that this is now her home.

A social worker and a police officer are sent by Stu to talk to Eliza, and they show there with that goal in mind.

It’s best, Felicity advises Stu, for Eliza to remain at Dom’s house for the time being.

The cop accidently hits Stu in the face as he tries to shoo him away because Stu is furious.

Dom observes Stu’s arrest for assault with satisfaction.

Could Stu be in legal danger once more?

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