Strictly’s Will Mellor encouraged to ‘get it out’ after fans distracted by big bulge

After spectators were distracted by Will Mellor’s “revealing” costume last week, Strictly Come Dancing’s HRVY urged Mellor to “get it out.”

The musician discussed his opinions about the new series with entertainment writer Carly Hacon during a Facebook Live.

Singer-songwriter HRVY acknowledged that while he had seen brief episodes of the program, he had never been in Will’s situation in Hollyoaks.

On Saturday night, viewers of the show were quick to point out how exposed his attire was, alleging that his trousers were quite tight.

Host Carly said to HRVY in reference to Will: “He also distracted some viewers. I don’t know if you had the same situation, but fans were distracted by his costume in various points. Have you ever had to put on uncomfortable clothing?

Nothing was truly too tight for me, HRVY said. “If it’s there and you can see it. Great!

“Show what you’ve got, and if you do, congratulations to him. Remove it! The folks and everyone else adore it.

Fans claimed that Will’s dark grey tracksuit pants, which he wore on the show, revealed more than he had anticipated.

One supporter commented on social media that it was “amazing” that Will Mellor was wearing those joggers and that the video had been slowed down.

Added a second: “Will Mellor in those gray joggers just improved my day. God, thank you for that picture.”

“Will Mellor’s hips surely don’t lie,” wrote a third.

“Christmas is it? No. Is it the 1990s, late? No. Do I really like Will Mellor and drink Baileys? Yes! Because I’m EXCITED that #Strictly is returning. What a wonderful start, “a shared fourth.

A fifth person said: “Will Mellor would still get it 27 years after I first saw him as Jambo in Hollyoaks!”

The singer has been concentrating on his voice, and he recently released I Wish I Could Hate You, his newest track and first composed and released entirely by himself.

Additionally, he most recently collaborated with EDM DJ Steve Aoki on the song Save Me.

Regarding the DJ, HRVY said: “At one point, he did invite me to Ibiza for one of his significant EDM dance performances, and I wanted him to punch me in the face. You could get wasted with him in the kitchen at three in the morning and just talk about anything because he is so intelligent and informed about life.”

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