Strictly: Kym Marsh’s husband, children, grandchildren and potential Corrie return revealed

The stunning Graziano Di Prima is paired with Strictly legend Kym Marsh on this season’s show, but the two can definitely do better following their “disappointing” results in week one.

However, the bookmakers believe that former Coronation Street star Kym is among the most likely to succeed.

However, it will take time to see how she compares to the other Strictly 2022 contestants.

Kym has a devoted army of supporters in her corner, including a sizable, encouraging family and many former and present coworkers who are rooting for her to succeed.

What do people want to know about Kym, then?

Continue reading to learn the answers to the star’s most frequently asked questions.

Kym Marsh on signing up for Strictly Come Dancing

TV host Kym made a hint that her involvement on the BBC One dance series had been planned for some time.

“I’ve thought of doing Strictly for years, but the timings never worked out,” she stated. I’m overjoyed that they have this year! ”

The first dance she performed on the show, though, may not have gone as well as Kym had planned.

She performed a jive to start the performance, but Craig Revel-Horwood didn’t like it; he gave her a four out of 10 rating.

In response, Kym stated on Morning Live: “I mean, clearly it’s upsetting, isn’t it? Because we did work extremely hard.

We have taken what he said into consideration because you have to take it in stride, accept the statement, and go on.

However, Graziano praised his coworker highly.

Naturally, we’re going to consider it and work harder, but listen, she’s a gem, he remarked.

“I know what she can do; she’s been working so hard, and you can be sure that we’ll once again give it our all. She truly and genuinely struck me as bright, in my opinion.

Will Kym Marsh return to Coronation Street?

After 13 years, Kym quit her job as Michelle Connor in Weatherfield in 2019.

Earlier that year, when asked about her desire to resign, she said: “It’s been really difficult to decide, but it feels like the appropriate moment for me to explore some other opportunities.”

Later, she told ED! She has every chance of joining the soap opera again at some time in January 2021.

Kym stated, “I truly do miss everyone, and I really miss the Street.”

I always promised to return someday when I left, and I will.

I always said I’d come back one day and I will.

The following was added by Kym: “I have no doubt that one day I’ll go back there and dip my toe back, but for now I’m way too busy at the moment.”

Even if she does have other obligations, Kym confirmed those goals in May of this year.

Reporters were briefed by Kym before to the Strictly announcement that she was currently filming in Waterloo Road.

You already know that I have a soft place for Corrie, and I have no doubt that I’ll step foot on those cobblestones once more.

How old is Kym Marsh, what is her age?

In June 1976, Kym was born in Whiston, Merseyside.

She is now 46 years old.

Is Kym Marsh married? Who is her husband?

Army major Dave Ratcliff is her current boyfriend. When they were married, he was 33.

In October 2021, they got married at Sandhurst Military Academy. Dave, Kym’s cancer-stricken father, was able to accompany her down the aisle and give a speech.

Additionally, Antony Cotton, Kym’s Corrie co-star, served as the event’s master of ceremonies.

Additionally, Carol Vorderman, Gethin Jones, Jane Danson, and Janette Manrara were among the famous visitors.

Has Kym Marsh been married before?

It’s her. The third husband of Kym is Major Dave.

In August 2002, ex-EastEnders actor Jack Ryder married Kym for the first time. In March 2008, their separation was officially announced, and by August 2009, their divorce was complete.

In September 2012, Kym wed Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas. Before then, they had a long-term relationship. Kym and Jamie did, however, divorce in 2014 after divorcing in 2013.

Has Kym Marsh ever had kids or grandchildren?

Dave Cunliffe is the father of Kym’s first child, David, who was born in 1995, as well as Emilie, her daughter, who was born in 1997.

Archie, the 18 weeks premature baby of Kym and Jamie, died shortly after birth in 2009. Polly, a daughter, was born in March 2011.

The actress is also Scott’s six-year-old daughter Renee’s stepmother.

In May 2019, Emilie gave birth to Teddy, making Kym a grandmother for the first time.

When baby Clayton was born in August to David and his fiancée Courtney, Kym became a grandma of two.

Does Kym Marsh have children and grandchildren?

On episode one, Kym told Tess Daly, “I am doing it for the grannies, without a doubt.”

Can Kym Marsh sing?

She can.

As a part of the ITV talent competition Popstars, Kym, Noel Sullivan, Danny Foster, Myleene Klass, and Suzanne Shaw came together to form the band Hear’Say.

They went through auditions to get chosen. The top 10 competitors were eliminated during the final round. Liberty X was founded by the other five artists who were eliminated from consideration.

In March and June 2001, Hear’Say scored two number-one hits. However, Kym quit the group a short while after, in January 2002.

At the time, she told the London Evening Standard: “There were so many arguments, I sought counseling. We did argue, Myleene and I.

“The disputes continued while we were in the band, even before we had a song.”

Kym said, “I had arguments with [Noel] as well. People assume he’s a softie, yet he would support Myleene, and the two of them would have private meetings.

Cry, Kym’s solo single from 2003, peaked at number two on the charts. Come on Over, her follow-up hit, peaked at number 10. Standing Tall, her first solo release, peaked at number nine.

Why did Kym Marsh take a break from Morning Live?

After facing a number of personal difficulties, host Kym informed fans in October 2021 that she would need to take a break.

“I’ve experienced anxiety attacks in the past, and they’ve returned with a fury,” she remarked.

“Life has been somewhat challenging for me. I have to decide what I’m going to do in this situation.

I made the decision to take a break from Morning Live in order to prioritize my loved ones.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much since the end of July; well, there are some very good reasons for that. Kym continued.

“I believe it’s fair to say that for me and my family, the previous few months have been extremely busy with one thing or another.”

Her father Dave had only recently received a diagnosis of terminal prostate cancer.

A few weeks later, Kym was welcomed back to Morning Live.

Was Kym Marsh in The Syndicate?

One of Kym’s most prominent performances after leaving Corrie was in the Kay Mellor lottery drama series.

In the fourth season of the show, she portrayed Donna Sanderson, the mother of Katherine Rose Morley’s Keeley Sanderson, who is the main character.

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