Sickened Corrie fans ask ‘what’s going on’ as they complain over scenes before watershed

Pre-watershed scenes including drug use and a sex worker in Monday night’s episode of the soap opera Coronation Street shocked viewers (February 13). The murder of businessman Rufus Donahue by serial killer Stephen Reid when he visited the hotel room, according to one Corrie fan, was “too much.”

Underworld leader Carla Barlow instructed Stephen to revive the agreement with Rufus in exchange for a 15% commission and a long-term contract. Rufus gave him some cocaine and the hallucinogenic substance LSD at his hotel despite making it plain he wasn’t interested.

Rufus handed Stephen a bottle of LSD and went to the restroom, where Stephen could hear him ingesting coke. Rufus collapsed abruptly, grabbing his chest.

Viewers briefly questioned whether Stephen would abandon Rufus to perish. However, it was obvious that Stephen had devised a different strategy as the paramedics showed there to attend to him, and he told Carla on the phone that her contract was secured.

Stephen was practicing Rufus’ signature on the unsigned contract as the paramedics wheeled Rufus outside when he heard a tap at the door. Then Candice, a sex worker, walked right in.

She initially mistook Stephen for Rufus and propositioned him before demanding money, which gave Stephen a new fatal notion. As Rufus recovered in the hospital, Stephen stole the LSD and blackmailed the sex worker.

Fans of soap operas vented their displeasure on Twitter, and @pam debeauvoir was among them “Oh, for heaven’s sake. Put an end to your drug use already. It’s excessive.” Additionally, @busby4868 criticized the plot as “really scraping the barrel” and “snorting narcotics.”

As seen by @JamieTVandNews: “Cocaine-induced heart attack in Rufus. Monday as usual on the paving stones.” And @SARamsay1 cried out: “Was Rufus just using cocaine? It sounded as though he was!”

What @PardonMeImBlunt had to say about the plot: “When the Canadian meets a client at work who gets high on coke and LSD while reserving a prostitute at a hotel next week, you won’t believe how crazy #Corrie has been lately. This show’s originator would be flipping around in his grave if he could!”

What has been happening with #Corrie recently, tweeted @TheRealDeclanK1? Furthermore, @MegWarr09285908 tweeted: “Prostitution, stolen bikes, and drugs. Do I have LSD?”

Think I’m going to feel sick, said @HarryFan4Life_. And @VampLover27 responded, “Ewwww Stephen don’t you dare,” fearing Stephen may pose as Rufus. Eww, wrote @floweroflondon in a tweet.

However, @Ockeghem1497 clapped: “LOL! This Stephen narrative is awesome!” What @sofaneilas liked: “A hooker, drugs, OD mess, and a forgery! Stephen, my son, is having a luxurious life.” Also from @FillsWhales: “A hooker, cocaine, and LSD. I have to respect Rufus’ fashion sense.”

Stephen tells Carla that Sarah Barlow is now the head of design and that he will be the office manager starting on Wednesday.

Stephen sneaks into the Underworld office with a bottle of LSD he stole from Rufus’ briefcase and puts the drug in Carla’s coffee in an effort to exact revenge on her.

Carla enters the production floor while still visibly confused and drowsy. Stephen adds another vial of LSD to Carla’s red wine at the Rovers.

When Peter calls the bar, he realizes right away that Carla isn’t feeling well. Peter, who is terrified that Carla’s psychosis is returning, helps her leave the pub as she continues to stare at the factory girls while her paranoia grows by the second. Stephen breaks into Carla’s office, messes up her documents, and erases an appointment with Dick Haversham from her diary.

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