Shocked Emmerdale fans working out who father is as Amelia, 15, pregnant

In a shocking turn of events, Amelia, 15, was informed that she was pregnant, leaving viewers of Emmerdale in awe.

Amelia had been battling with her body image for a while and made the decision to order a weight syrup online.

She has had dizziness, blurred vision, and a little of wooziness ever since.

And while at first the syrup was the only explanation, she discovered she was pregnant during tonight’s shocking twist.

She was asked to watch Gabby’s son Thomas and Dawn’s son Lucas while they were both at work, which didn’t make her day any better.

However, she experienced another of her fainting episodes and eventually passed out while holding Thomas. She made up a story in the hospital about Thomas falling out of his high chair because Gabby hadn’t secured him in there correctly.

Kim confronted Amelia when Lucas informed her that she had fallen while holding the infant. Amelia acknowledged taking weight syrup when Dan asked what was causing her to pass out.

When Amelia was finally made to visit the doctor, the medical professional discovered that her pregnancy was the cause of her dizziness and nausea.

Not only Amelia, but also viewers at home were taken aback by the pregnancy and left trying to figure out who the father might be.

“OMG who is the Dad!! #Emmerdale,” tweeted @JordanPhelps21. Amelia is expecting?,” wrote @1stLadyHooligan. wtf? Who’s the daddy?! I hope it’s not Noah’s. I didn’t anticipate that at all!

@cheesybiscuit_ asked: “Who is the father of Amelia’s baby? What have I missed #Emmerdale.” Great episode tonight, according to @MischasMum. emotionally charged, but is Amelia pregnant? Who’s the father? #emmerdale.”

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